ASUS Padfone Could Be Delayed Due To Qualcomm S4 Shortage

That rumored S4 shortage might have some truth to it after all. According to a tweet from ASUS Indonesia, a shortage of Qualcomm’s latest 4th generation Snapdragon processors is spelling trouble for the iPad destroying ASUS Padfone launching on time. The tablet/smartphone transforming hybrid was originally slated to launch in Taiwan at the end of April, followed closely by an Italian launch in May.

The tweet, which roughly translated by the folks at The Verge says that Qualcomm is still experiencing Snapdragon S4 shortages and “unfortunately” that just so happens to be the processor used in the Padfone. An ASUS spokesperson confirmed the tweet, stating that, “I believe [the shortage is] affecting all of Qualcomm’s customers.” We could only wonder if this strain has something to do with the worldwide launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S3, now rumored to be using the S4 here in the US.

Hopefully we’ll have word on the expected availability of the ASUS Padfone in a more official announcement in the coming weeks. How many of you have been saving your pennies for the smartphone/tablet hybrid and are disappointed by this news?


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  • Chris Chavez

    You can see me ssssssnakedz!? :O

    • aeok18109

      rofl what i miss. i get here and its been removed. :D

      • EarlyMon

        Just spam. :) ;)

  • Micha Ols

    I am saddened. ;) But I wanted to wait for real life benchmarks and reports about battery Life and possible bugs of the Padfone before ordering anyway.
    ASUS stated Germany would be among the first bunch of countries to be supplied with Padfones after the rollout in Taiwan.
    Waiting patiently.

  • Sputnick

    Hot Asian chick pics should be on every Phandroid post.

    • EarlyMon

      Especially seeing as how there are so few of those pictures on the internet!

    • leoingle


  • JamesS

    Until Asus can prove that they can fix the original TF, I’m not touching anymore of their stuff.

    • leoingle

      Fix what? Mine has worked perfectly since the day I bought it. With Honeycomb and now with ICS. Don’t cry and bitch about the whole line when you screwed yours up or got a bad one.

  • Aslan Bollin

    im more interested in and still waiting to here any news about a North American launch with hopefully AT&T/Rogers/Telus 3/4G freq bands. Hell, I’ve been waiting since it was announced May LAST year………..
    Couldn’t care less about the delay to Taiwan and Italy honestly. No offence to them, but since it doesn’t support NA 3/4G it’s a useless device to import to the US. No point spending that much on an EDGE device.

  • lynyrd65

    This picture demonstrates why manufacturers shouldn’t put stickers on their products and why tatoos are trashy.

  • http://Theywaitedtoolong Dsparil

    If they would have suck with the Tegra 3 launch in February, they would have sold like hotcakes. They might as well wait for Tegra 3+LTE at this point.

  • earthlingi

    disappointed here

  • MrSpoiler15

    More hot Asian chicks!

  • S.T.

    It’s more likely apple made a ‘deal’ so as to cause Asus to 1. Look bad & 2. Not be able to produce the units as said. 
    All the while getting their chips for their proprietary pad fad device which still lacks a lot.

  • Wiki Bond

    Quite amazing is the 3/7 and Padfone is not yet available worldwide is already 5 months should be in the market…but is really exist this prouct or is just a joke???