This Galaxy Nexus Tablet/Phone Hybrid ROM Makes Me All Hot And Bothered

Is it a phone? Or is it a mini tablet? That’s the question your iPhone toting friends will lose their minds over, after seeing your Galaxy Nexus running this tablet/smartphone hybrid ROM I came across on XDA. It’s called “Paranoid Android” (seriously, coolest logo ever) and it transforms your phone into a mini tablet of sorts, while still giving your device the full phone functionality you need.

Apparently, this isn’t a simple build.prop edit — no, sir. Well, okay, maybe it looks that way for now. But this ROM strives to be so much more than “tablet mode” running on your Galaxy Nexus. It’s looking to reshape ICS as we know it, but it needs some work. If you want to help this ambitious ROM grow into something a bit more than just a “cute novelty,” head on over to source link where you can find all the deets.

Thanks, Macky!


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  • Marsg

    Half of me says i want it but the other half is like no the icons/text is too small >.> this ROM should be called “Confusing”. 

    • Chris Chavez

      My mind’s telling me noooooooooooo…… but my BODY….  my BODY’S TELLING ME YES!


      • tarusdg

        I don’t see nuthin wrong…..

        • vidoardes

          with a liitle bump and grind

        • TheFirstUniverseKing

          …With a little tweek and grind.

        • ChrisRuble

          with meth.

          • Chris Chavez


          • ChrisRuble

            TWEAK (and grind) .. see below. lol. blunt humor.

      • aeok18109

        hahhaahahha i was thinking the same thing. jesus man get out of my head. really. get out. rents late.

    • ericl5112

      I’d be more concerned about the hit targets than anything.

      • Marsg

        Well since the virtual keys are smaller im thinking the hit targets are also minimized to fit them so it might be really easy to accidently hit another button, that was my only concern otherwise it looks pretty cool. 

  • Joshua Andrus

    LOL I agree. Although I would really enjoy trying it out.

  • ReDDster

    This might be the first time you’ve ever mentioned me in one of your articles! Sweet. :)

  • Marsg

    Wait why does it have a app drawer key on the bottom and on the top right hand corner >.> 

    • Chris Chavez

      Actually, since it’s using Nova, you can swap out the bottom app drawer for another app icon =p

      • Marsg

        Well i was 50/50 about installing it but now i must have 

  • Marsg

    lol there’s actually a song called “Paranoid Android” by Radiohead it was the first thing that popped up on my goggle search. 

    • arathkone

      That you didn’t know that already makes me a little sad.

      There’s also a band called The Androids who sung ‘Do It With Madonna’

      In the interest of keeping on topic too, I really really like the idea of this ROM, look forward to seeing it develop.

  • Boom! Its phatman

    Fap Fap Fap Fap…..

  • Billy_Joe_Bob

    There’s ONLY 1 deference between a phone and a tablet. A phone fits in your pocket, a tablet doesn’t!

    • renGek

      I would argue that there is NO difference between a phone and a tablet. You can use a phone to do what you would do on a tablet. You can do on a tablet what you would normally do on a phone. Hence no diff.
      Its just human being’s obsessive need to categorize things to make them easier to understand. Some things just don’t need to be categorize. 

  • John Guillen

    Minimalistic style UI with the worlds most horrible looking icons. Does not match the UI at all. Maybe the Metro style icons would have been better. But the phone looks good. but damn those icons.

    • Chris Chavez

      Those are just regular Android icons…. =/

      • Mimsyborogove923

        Yes, yes, they are. But I agree they don’t look that great. I’ve used Apex launcher and SimpleText to change the not so sleek icons, into sexy, slick, minimalistic, text buttons. Fits my style much better, and honestly I feel it fits ICS better. In the end I sacrificed a little bit of sexy for function and gave in to putting icons on my homescreen. But I still really like the text menu buttons over the ICS icons.

        • Edgar Moreno

          What clock widget is that?

          • Mimsyborogove923

            I used MinimilisticText for the clock, weather and date widget. It’s a very customizable text widget and has all kinds of different information you can display.

  • JustinK

    What are those wallpapers being used?

  • Mike ChopStix Kelly

    i may actually go buy a gnex now because this rom looks flat-out beautiful

  • talha bin hamid

    Well this cool ICS feature has been discovered by XDA community long ago. Every AOSP ICS ROM has the tablet mode built in. You just have to root your phone and change the LCD density thru an app such as LCD Density, and viola! the phone will boot into tablet mode. 

    So far the biggest advantage I have seen of tablet mode is constantly visible notification bar, and very, very cool UIs for many apps. Amazing. 

    • Paul Henschel

      yeah it has been discovered – but no one has ever cared to make it usable. drop your phone that standard tab mode and voila!, enjoy a screwed launcher, a screwed keyboard, no working phone, no market, overlapping elements, overlapping clock, overlapping notification icons, too small apps, horrible recents window, etc. that rom wants to change that and started already to change parts of it by actually recompiling the framework. its a long shot but its still different from silly build.prop tab mode. ::]

  • Asimoalex

    I’ve been running this mod now from since day one and still my only issue is how the menu button disappears from certain apps completely

  • Nicholas Snowdeal

    Anyone know if it’s going to get a Toro build as well? OR if it’s compatible?

  • Jwhap

    And one of my favorite Radiohead songs!

  • DanWazz

    Looks cool.

  • averymlewis

    Uhhhhhhhhhhhh, Wouldn’t this be better fitted for the Galaxy Note???

    • RobMorris

      Theres something like this for the note actually

  • Lactose_the_Intolerant

    Slick… really digging the notification bar moved to the bottom.

  • James G

    dang.. I wish I had a gnex now.

  • Oluseun Ogunlegan

    I so wish that I knew coding and all the things that go with making a good app.  I would sure as hell be working on this ROM fitting the SGSII (Tmo Ver.)  It’s a damn shame how infuriating this damn phone is.

  • Bret

    What’s the chance of this on a Rezound? T_T

  • AJA0

    When you said “hot and bothered” I thought you meant angry.. now I know what you mean.. ;D

  • Del373

    It would be important to note that, at least at this point, this ROM does not work with the Verizon version of the Nexus…only for GSM.

    …though the dev says that will change soon.