Sony Xperia LT29i specs revealed? Snapdragon S4 Pro, 13MP camera (with samples) & more


Last month, Sony was rumored to be bringing out a flagship phone this Summer. Codenamed LT29i Hayabusa, we had little to go on than an idea of what it’d look like and what chipset it’d house (Snapdragon S4). Today, a Chinese blog may have revealed the full slate of details we’ve been looking for. We’ve learned that the variant of the S4 processor may be that of the S4 Pro, an SoC with an upgraded GPU compared to the norm.

There’s also supposed to be a 13MP camera with HDR video recording capabilities and superior lowlight performance, a 4.55 inch HD reality display, a 2200mAh battery and will be around 7 millimeters thin. It looks to be a beast of a phone whenever it launches, a phone that may hit store shelves as the Xperia GX. As a quick added bonus, check out some photo samples from a phone said to have the same sensors below.

[Baidu via Brief Mobile]

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  1. Come on bring it to verizon!!!!

  2. We will never see it here, because the carriers in the USA will destroy it by downgrading the specs and adding bloatware.

  3. If sony would bring something like this to verizon, I might be interested, they seem to be getting on top of updates, maybe even better than the big guys and their phones keep looking better and better.

  4. 2200mah battery and about 7mm thick, I hope HTC is taking notes on how to design a phone with a big battery and still keep the phone very thin………

    1. making it thinner*

  5. Intriguing. Maybe Sony is finally going to be up to date on hardware specs this year. Sony Nexus phone in 2013?

    1. Nah, not as along as they are going with Qualcomm chips.
      If they chose their own SoC, or the OMAP 5 it would be great though..

  6. take note samsung and htc. battery life > other stuff. 

  7. This sounds very promising. But Hardware is only one aspect. Software and integration is another one. If they cannot improve the user experience significantly Apple will harvest the next round of disappointed android users.
    I agree with warcaster, a Nexus coming from Sony would be great.
    Go Sony go!

    1. It’s actually pretty ironic.  Android may keep me as a user because i hate my current android phone _so_ much that I don’t have the patience to wait for the next iPhone.  Now **that** is marketing genius… :(

  8. Looks very much like a version of the X10 – Without the buttons and slimmed down, Love it! 

  9. That looks pretty sweet. Since my contract with sprint is up Id consider getting an international version an jumping over to T-Mobile if it supported their HSPA+

    1. Oh it definitely will support HSPA+

  10. Ok Sony.  You got my attention.

  11. With those specs it will actually trump the US version of the GS3, if the US GS3 does come with the regular S4 like people are saying. 

  12. Nexus for Sony! Nexus for Sony! Nexus for Sony! Nexus for Sony! Nexus for Sony! Nexus for Sony! Nexus for Sony! Nexus for Sony! Nexus for Sony! Nexus for Sony! Nexus for Sony! Nexus for Sony! Nexus for Sony! 

  13. Those sample images are pretty great.  As good as any point-and-shoot camera at that focal length, IMO.

  14. Theae photos are from months ago and look fantastic Sony snake fantastic camera phones

  15. This is really impressive, but knowing sony’s style, they’ll wait forever to release it. They always like being behind for some reason…. Shame because their handsets look beautiful.

    1. True Sony seem to launch a new phone months behind everyone else, by then there spec is more like a mid range phone.

      Hopefully they will announced and release by June.

  16. Google should seriously take a look at Sony again. I know there’s rumors out that that they have settled on Samsung again for the next Nexus, and they should have around this time of the year. But these specs are what people expect from a Nexus.

    Coupled with the fact that Jean recently mentioned in G+ that Sony have been very actively contributing to the AOSP, I see no reason why they would not give Sony a try at the next Nexus.

  17. mmm… Next-Gen Adreno.

    I await the 20 page Anandtech review.

  18. Sony doesn’t need to make the next Nexus. They’re active enough in supporting their phones. I’d buy this one in a heartbeat, though I wish it had the NXT design (with perhaps a smaller, sleeker antenna housing).

  19. dat camera. Those have to be the best pictures I’ve seen from a phone.

  20. This is my next phone.  


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