Sprint reassures us that the Epic 4G Touch is receiving Ice Cream Sandwich this year

Not that we’re surprised or anything, but Sprint has announced that the Samsung Epic 4G Touch, their Galaxy S II variant, would be getting Ice Cream Sandwich this year. We pretty much expected it, alongside other high-end devices, to receive the update. Unfortunately, Sprint doesn’t tell us when, exactly, to expect it within the calendar year. Still, it’s nice to see they’re committed. [via Sprint]

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  • Jonathan Roman

    if its anything like the original epic itll take another 6 months. 

    • Sobr0801

      god save them, my Epic gave me a horrible taste in my mouth for samsung,

      • luvtoski826

         @ Sobr0801 — why?

        • Sobr0801

          Slow updates, poor build quality, bad gps. The moment was even worse.

          • http://twitter.com/Vanakatherock Vanakatherock

             I’m assuming the OG Epic with the keyboard? It was a decent phone, but did have its shortfalls. The E4GT is an amazing phone.

  • ColtonWalker

    This year is pretty vague. Maybe they are putting it off until Christmas in the hopes that the mayans were correct, because if the world is destroyed they wont have to do the 3 days worth of work it takes to put a 6 month old operating system on the phone 

  • Undeadk9

    F**king sprint…just give a freaking date already.

  • shabbypenguin

    :O they are making ics for teh device!?!!?! no way!!?!?

  • http://twitter.com/Vanakatherock Vanakatherock

    I’ve been running ICS ROM’s all year on mine. There are unofficial releases of stock ICS ROM”s out there as well, that won’t count against your ODIN counter, but all are currently having issues with a notification sound bug. I’ve learned to live with mine and enjoy the 2 day battery life under moderate usage. 

  • toomuchgame441

    I just want ics love for my Evo 3D already…

  • k323

    You dont say? Its not like there are 20-30 leaks and counting or anything

  • Jake Achee

    There have been over 10 leaks of the ICS ROM Samsung is working on for this phone. I’ve been running them for months with very few issues!

  • jordan

    When will this happen I wonder, Sprint is so slow with these software updates

  • Robb Nice

    Has any of Sprint phone been upgraded to ICS, other than the new phones that coming in with ICS! Sprint is so slow with the updates. I been rooted with my Epic 4G Touch and running ICS   leaks for over a month with Sprint bloat wear on board and their are no problems. Sprint needs to get there act together!

    • http://twitter.com/Vanakatherock Vanakatherock

       Nexus S 4G has it, but then again, that’s Google.

  • Reptar

    What about my precious Evo 3D?

  • Bruce Leach

    Forget ICS… You’d never know this phone was 4G, since you really can’t get it anywhere…  Oh sorry… except you 10 people that do get 4G on Sprint.

    • http://www.facebook.com/tyler.mieczkowski Tyler Mieczkowski

      I live in rural pennsylvania and have 4g 80% of the time.