HTC One X receiving update to software version 1.28

We’re hearing a few reports this morning from owners of the unbranded HTC One X that an update is arriving, bringing the phone’s software version to 1.28. At first glance the new software seems to address mostly under-the-hood issues, though we can’t say for sure what tweaks have been made and which bugs have been fixed. Little to nothing appears to have changed in terms of added features or functionality. It also is still unclear if the update takes care of a bug that has been robbing the device of precious battery life. We’re hunting for a changelog and will update this article when come across more details.

[via AndroidForms | Thanks, EarlyMon!]

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  • Tomáš Petrík
  • 変な人

    Got the update here too! 

  • Nick Thai

    Too bad, US user gotta wait till the end of the year. Big Thanks to our Carriers

  • Kelvin Odemwingie Reed

    i,m on orange -uk just applied update i noticed signal strengh was better right away and the device is quicker as for battery i will confirm tomorrow night