AT&T HTC One X Goes Up For Sale Ahead of Release [Screenshot] Update: Ad Taken Down


While the rest of us anxiously await the arrival of the HTC One X here in the states — or even some kind of official launch date from AT&T — one lucky user is attempting to cash in on the device after posting the device for sale.

A Craigslist ad popped up today with someone from the LA area putting up their AT&T HTC One X for sale on the site, offering up the phone for semi-reasonable $675. Maybe the seller heard about the the Galaxy S III announcement on May 3rd, who knows. But the ad does give us a look at the official AT&T box for the device (although, not as attractive as HTC’s edgeless, minimal egg shaped box) with the poster mentioning the phone will launch sometime next week (reaffirming BGR’s “trusted sources”).

Now, unless he hijacked an AT&T truck, something tells me this guy is an inside man, possibly even currently employed with AT&T (though, possibly not for long). Any takers?

Thanks, Vioalas!

UPDATE: It looks like the seller has taken down the ad. Guess that means one, he either sold the phone or two, he is no longer working with AT&T. Screen capped the original ad before it got taken down though.


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  1. ONLY $675!?! 

    Actually not a bad deal after a few drinks. 

    1. I think full retail, the phone will be $700 off-contract. Then you gotta pay tax too. This could be a deal… plus you get it early! =p

      1. true! 

        But if I had money for such a luxury phone I would hit up China for a MX.  That quadcore exynos will melt our brains! o_O

        1. I love that phone. I’ve always had a soft spot for that, and the Xioami MIUI phone… :)

        2. The MX is still an A9 processor.  I would wait on any quad core phones until they get up to the newer A15 architecture (like the dual core S4).

  2. i find the egg box to be extremely ugly.

    1. I heard the only way to open it was to sit on it for 1 hour O_o

      1.  2/10 I smirked.

  3. It would’ve been the perfect phone, just if it had removable storage. I just bought a nice 32 GB Sandisk card and I know it’s a battery thing for them but the amount of internal storage is still annoying. Still waiting I guess for other manufacturer offerings.

  4. Phone will probably be 550.00 off contract. Save your money and wait for an official release.

  5. Is it the HTC one or the HTC one XL?

    1. It’s the One XL, you can tell since it’s the AT&T branded version and that’s the only version they’re getting.

  6. I’m not buying any device that does not allow access to the battery and internal flash memory storage. If I did, I would have an iPhone by now and you all would be giving me wedgies and taking my lunch money.

    1. Well I suggest you go buy an iPhone cause in order to make phones thinner and stuff you need that non removable battery thing. That’s not what everybody wants but it is what it is. Enoy!

  7. That’s a pretty quick way to lose your job.

    I have a contract renewal to burn, so I can wait a week.

  8. if he’s an insider, that imei is going to pop up so quick once the buy trys activating it that this will be looking for a new job by lunch

  9. Wait. Too over price. Wait.

  10. Will pass on the ONE X. they don’t support SD CARD micro slot. I’m still waiting for the SONy iON to release or the SG III which it will have QUAD CORE AND SD CARD support

    1.  The sprint version is going to have a card slot, I wish I could be a fly on the wall to hear the conversation where a damn near bankrupt sprint demands its version to have a card slot (and kickstand) from htc lol
      (on the other hand sprint singlehandedly catapaulted htc with the og evo. If they could turn back time, They would have released the thunderbolt and inspire first I presume.) nb4 cher jokes

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