More Samsung Galaxy S III Details Leak – 1080p Display, LTE and 16GB/32GB Versions [Rumors]

By now, most of you already have your calendars marked for May 3rd. That’s the day the Galaxy S III, Samsung’s best kept secret, will be unveiled unto the world. As that date draws nearer, the folks at BGR are claiming another “breaksclusive,” this time revealing some of the alleged specs we can look forward to from Samsung’s next flagship.

According to sources, the GSIII will be available in both a 16GB and 32GB versions, feature the rumored quad-core Exynos processor with LTE compatibility and will also — get this — come with a 1080p HD display. This is the second exclusive from BGR where they mentioned the 1080p display and I wouldn’t take that spec with anything more than a grain of salt. While manufacturers love to best other OEM’s devices when it comes to specs, at the same time, they also have to give themselves some elbow room to grow for the next year’s model. Leap frogging over a 720p HD display when current Galaxy S II’s only feature WVGA, just doesn’t make much sense business wise. I’d be willing to bet a SAMOLED Plus 720p HD display will be the official spec. If I’m wrong on this, I’ll eat my underpants.

It was also said that the Samsung is prepping for a huge marketing push where the Galaxy S III will be featured as the official smartphone of the 2012 Summer Olympics. With the attention of just about every country in the world watching the games, Samsung has also planned for simultaneous launch event for the GS3 to occur in New York (US), Seoul (Korea) and Dubai (somewhere near Florida I believe?). We wont have to wait too much longer to see if these rumors pan out, but just don’t go expecting pink unicorns or else you may end up disappointed.

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  • ArmageddonX

    Looks like it’ll have a Retina Display (LOL, I’m joking)

  • Damon Lewis

    I think it’s unlikely to be 1080p.

    • Chris Chavez

      I’ll eat my shorts. 

      • Sean Daniel

        I’m really hoping that in about two weeks here we will see a post showing you eating a pair of shorts… Just remember, Tabasco sauce can make almost anything tolerable and Tony’s goes great on everything.

        • Croak

          Frank’s Red Hot Sauce.  You can put that shit on everything. :)

          • Sean Daniel

            Spicy pumpkins!

      • Jesse Clark

        I only ask that if you make such a statement you will follow through with video evidence if proven wrong.

      • spicymeatball

        Why not blow the doors off of iphone with 1080p?  Once you hit 1080p you have some breathing room and iphone is in the rear view mirror.  And in that rear view mirror you’ll also see Chris eating his shorts.

        • malcmilli

          I’m thinking because 1080p would hurt performance/battery without actually adding anything positive to the device besides a spec sheet check point

          • spicymeatball

            It’s all up to the Exynos processor.  1080p display and LTE.  It would have it’s work cut out for it.  720p with high pixel density would put it ahead of the iPhone 4s, but barely.  We don’t know what Apple has up it’s sleeve and you know that whatever the s3 has it needs to bring it hard enough to steal any iPhone 5 thunder.  

  • arj2442

    Phandroid…Dubai is not in India…(United Arab Emirates). Typo?

    • Chris Chavez

      Hey, this is an Android site, not National Geographic O_o


      • Samsung_Apple_Fan

        it’s all good, you probably mistook it for mumbai.. do you still have your white G1? i used to watch your videos lol way back.

        • Chris Chavez

          Holy cow. Old schooooool! :D

          And no, I sold it. =/ Really needed the cash.. Back then, I was just a broke Android nerd making videos =p

  • Anas Qtiesh

    Dubai is in the United Arab Emirates(UAE), not in all the way in India as this article suggests. Geography fail! I only hope the author isn’t American; no need to further the stereotype.


    • lynyrd65

      Dubai, Mumbai….Potato, Pototo

      lol jk

  • zaqwsxed

    Dubai is a city in United Arab Emirates (UAE) NOT India!! 

  • intoxicates

    “I’ll eat my underpants,” Chris Chavez.  If that ever does happen that’d be a hit watching it on the new 1080p HD Display!!!  They’d have to pre-install the video on every GSIII =)

    • deeoh1084

      i’m pretty sure it’s not going to be 1080 p but i kinda wish it will be 1080p so we can all watch Chris eating his underpants

  • shmigga

    lol @ everyone who only read the last line of Dubai being in India.  Who cares about that?  1080p is the big thing here.

    • malcmilli

      id rather it not be 1080p, id take 720p with improved battery/performance over 1080. 

  • DavidVarghese

    This will be Android’s flagship phone fo’sure… But lets see what kind of crappy UI Samsung slaps on it…

    • wastry


      The dev community will be all over this

    • Christopher Davis

      Remember Samsung did higher one of the co-founders of Cyanogenmod to help them with TW and its also said to have the dual boot option one stock and one with TW.

  • warcaster

    1080p sounds awesome and I’d be curious to see if it makes a difference for such small screens. But it’s pretty crazy. It’s around 470 PPI, and the impact on GPU and battery resources might be pretty big. I hope Samsung knows what they’re doing and that the upgrade over 720p is worth it. I’d also prefer the 720p Plus version now over a Pentile 1080p version, if I had to choose.

    If it does have this display, it better come with the dual core 2 Ghz and Mali T604 Exynos 5250 chip. And speaking of which, when is the 2560×1600 tablet arriving?

  • phinn

    Completely pointless to have >300dpi so 1080p is stupid unless it has a 5.0″ screen which is even more stupid. If anything it should be a non-pentile qHD or 720 display.

    They should go back to 4.0″ and I’ll buy one, otherwise, pass.

    • HalfwayCrook

      Well if you’re not going to buy one regardless than stfu

    • setspeed

       QHD? No thanks, that’s SO 2011 :-D

  • Alexander Ramirez

    Chris, the week before the announcement, make sure you wear the same underwear for the whole week to be sure it’s properly marinated in juices. Then, when the announcement is made, you either eat flavorful underwear or you just do laundry like usual.

    • Newbtastic

      I just threw up a little.

    • Chris Chavez


  • REVS

    micro SD is a must for me ive been transfering my 32 gig micro sd card for the past 6 phones im not stopping now !!!!!!!

    • Vinny

      Agree, must have sd-card. Top notch hardware IMO must have sd-card. The lack of memory and removable memory is getting pathetic. I will never buy a new phone without sd-card. Cheap, cheap, cheap, hardware just keeps getting cheaper, the more they push the quality in some areas they take away in others instead of just giving us it all. Customers are willing to pay the few extra bucks if they just put it all together and give us one hell of a phone.

  • Samsung_Apple_Fan

    Take my money.. PLEASE!!! I’ll honestly be happy with 720p. But if 1080p works, thats fine as well.

  • Rob

    I have to say that attacking Chris over a mistake or too is ludicrous. Chris busts his asssssssss to get stories up quick and yes, people make mistakes. I’m sure he will be posting a correction shortly.
    How about a “thanks” for the update instead?

    • bluevoodo


    • Covert_Death

      a mistake or “two” ;) sorry lol i had to!

      thanks Chris! you know i be a fan!

    • Darren Thornton

      In terms of grammar only, Chris is actually one of the worst writers I’ve read on any semi-big-name website.  HOWEVER, with that said, he seems like such a damned good guy in his writing style and videos that it’s really hard to criticize him.  So, while I actually understand why people would take issue with his writing – it’s because we’re o.c.d. – I also think it’s bad form to criticize him when he’s just trying to give us the news with some personality, and he succeeds really well at that!  

      Edit: I really need to emphasize the part about “in terms of grammar only” — Chris is not, by any means, the worst writer out there…but his grammar is really bad for being a constant contributor on this website. Chris, keep doing what you’re doing, bud — if you want to work on grammar, go for it, but it’s not necessary!

      • Hadi Khalid

        Make a grammar mistake in English class? Meh, nothing to worry about.

        Make a grammar mistake on the internet? God help you.


        • Mohamed

          English is a silly language anyways when it comes to spelling and grammar, it could rank second to only French when it comes logic and common sense in writing. All should give the guy a break :P

      • Nikijs Jansevskis

        Who posts comment this long about just grammar? I bet you dont have a girlfriend. :D 

    • Craig Slits

      Good article.. too bad it mentions the shit bag’s website BGR…

    • Patrick Washington

      Thats the problem, he’s trying to post so fast he doesn’t even proof read for grammer or to even realize what he’s posting doesn’t make sense. Journalism 101.

      • Cenarl

        so caught up over someone else making mistakes and you cant even spell grammar. GJ

  • ThreeFourSeven

    I always have to take BGR with a grain of salt. When was the last time they were right about something.

    • Patrick Washington

      Never i think.

  • ineedanewphone

    perhaps the author was smoking a dubai when he wrote the article

    • Michael O’Sullivan

      dubai? you mean doobie?

  • $6143719

    Woot then we definitely know the next iPhone will have a 1080p screen! Samsung is always copying Apple so you know they got the screen from them lol

    • impulse101

      samsung makes apples tiny little phone and displays. iphone 5 will be another phone with slight incremental updates and be inferior to top end android phones, only to be purcased by 11 year olds and moronic sheep

  • Jay

    Other android phones, take for example the S3’s predecessor, the S2, came out in 16 & 32 GB models. Did the S2s come with micro sd slots? Yes. Will the size of the phone’s internal memory allow people to make conclusions about it’s expandable memory (or lack thereof)? No.

  • ReverseRoxas

    Meh, I’m more or less anticipating some on par specs this time around for the SGSIII, I feel like other companies are already also using top of the line specs on their phones, and for Samsung to have a quad-core A15 Exynos… With LTE? I dunno. Doesn’t seem that’s gonna happen.

    Beyond being pessimistic because I feel like it, it’s going to be interesting to see who flames me… Hmmmm…

    • james

      That’s because it is most likely coming with the quad-core 4412 with A9 architecture.

  • UMA_Fan

    Dubai is NOT india.  Someone needs to go back to Geography class. lol

    • Chris Chavez

      In America, our geography is limited to the US. I aced it that class. 

      • Marsg

        Wish i could say the same, they caught me with a trick question, unfortunately New Mexico inst located in Mexico   

      • Julius P

        there be dragons outside the U.S.A

        Here in australia, where the people are smelly and savage, we train dragons for a living.

        • Chris Chavez


        • setspeed

          Swap: your dragons, savages and paradise weather for my ****hole government, binge-drinking single mothers and rain (UK).

          • Julius P

            swap rejected, reason:

            we trade up, not down.

          • setspeed

            I’ll throw Simon Cowell and the Olympics into the deal. We have the Olympics here this summer. We’re all so excited – no seriously, we really are. /s

      • JamesS

        Really? Things have gone waaaay downhill then. When I was in elementary school, we learned US and world geography.

  • zorxd

    Come on stop giving any credit to such rumors. At best it will have a 720p non-pentile.

  • amaroth amaroth

    I dont take anything with grains of salt what does that even mean lol

  • ben7337

    What’s this about a rumored quad core exynos? The 4412 isn’t a rumor, it exists. As do the 4.65″ 720p HD Super Amoled+ screens that get rid of crappy pentile. Samsung does not have the capability to make a 1080p non pentile screen in the 4.5-4.8″ range as far as I know, nor does anyone benefit from such a resolution at that size, apple might be full of crap, but the concept behind the retina display was relatively valid, 300+ppi is more than enough for the human eye.

    As for LTE, it goes without saying this phone will have LTE, at least in the USA versions on Verizon and likely on AT&T and Sprint. The global version may also have a 3g version based on the network available in an area, but that all depends.

    The only rumors we should be discussing are if it will have a removable battery or not due to the rumored ceramic micro arc technology based back, and what capacity that battery will be, how thick it will need to be for that, and maybe some camera speculation.

    Thankfully this will all be over in just a few short weeks.

    • Shae Flan

      Spoke to a source at Verizon Corporate just the other day. I was disappointed when he told me that there wasn’t going to be any Galaxy S3 or Note coming to Verizon. Hope he’s wrong but given the type of access he has I doubt it.

      • Covert_Death

        they have no clue. seriously, not a single clue

  • vioalas

    1080p? What’s the point? It’s a waste of pixels at that point, the eye wouldn’t be able to tell the difference right? And it’d eat the battery even quicker.

    • smithers85

      having a 720p display on my phone, i can tell you that yes – i could tell the difference even at 4.7″

      • Psykhe

        Being able to tell the difference between..what? 480p? and 720p != being able to tell the difference between 720p and 1080p

      • vioalas

        That’s cool and all. but I was talking about 1080p.

  • Jake Achee

    Mark my words.. it will be 720p non-pentile (SAMOLED PLUS).. and I’m completely fine with that! 

  • ShangTsung702

    Pink Unicorns = AOKP


    • Covert_Death

      LOL i was coming here to say that… i was gonna be really sad when there is no AOKP all because of Chris…

  • Josh W

     posting this stuff if its alleged to be announced it a few days? whats the point

    • Chris Chavez

      1. I like conversation/speculation. 

      2. May 3rd will feel like a lifetime. 

      3. I’m sick in the head. O_o

  • MikePopovici

    I had galaxy s and s2 and now galaxy nexus. My uncle got galaxy s and galaxy nexus. OK so what happened. My all if them broke. Wouldn’t hold charge. Would freeze. GPS sucked. Would randomly reboot. Sometimes screen would do stuff on its own without me touching it. So what I’m saying Samsung sucks balls at making quality phones……I gave them three chances here.just saying..

    • Brent Diamond

      i wanted to love my S II, but since i waited until ATT got it in October, then learned how bad Samsung was at coding and releasing broken source, i’ve switched to HTC. my One X will be here next week.

  • Marsg

    1080p ? quad core? but what about the battery ? 

  • avenger

    Some how i think ip5 will still be the winner. Why is that? I want android to be on top one day. I hope soon.

  • wastry

    Stop smoking the dubies; Dubai is in the United Arab Emirates.

    Say no to pot kids, keep your wits.

    • secretsexyninja

       No, I’m pretty sure Tom Cruise scaled that building in Florida.. get your facts straight.

    • Psykhe

      I think that was meant as joke ;) 

  • Kim Kröger

    That phone must have a really incredible GPU to actually have a 1080p display.

  • Mensahwatts

    HEY LUMPIA…doesn’t that mean eggrolls? Amyhey on another note, hasn’t Samsung made iparts? ? May want to Google that buddy…and some of these parts ibelieve are screens…so the question that needs to be asked is, are they really copycats of Apple, or do they simply copy parts of iphones that they made themselves? Good question huh?…even made me scratch my own chin…ilol…

  • jawman

    “If I’m wrong on this, I’ll eat my underpants.”
    -Chris Chavez

    I hope you are just so that myself and the rest of us phandroids will get to witness you eating your underwear. And actually having 1080p screen would be cool too I guess.

  • averymlewis

    Id imagine if it were to have a 1080p screen it would have to be a 5 inch screen or bigger considering it will also have 5 rows. Also concerning the commercial that was posted about the event I think it will be more like the galaxy note than the galaxy s2.

  • avataranjie

    wth did i miss with all this eating your shorts thing?

  • James G

    Lets just hope they throw a 2500mah+ battery in it. I know Samsung isn’t notorious for bad battery life like some companies, I’m just hoping its on the “more than a day” side of the spectrum.

  • Anthony Ngo

    Chris we’re holding you to this underpants deal!

    • secretsexyninja

       Agreed! You have to upload a sweet video doing JUST that

      • Chris Chavez

        On my word as a Phandroid. I promise. 

  • Christopher Woodruff

    Mmmmm…. underpants….high in fiber and bullshit….

  • Mensahwatts

    Come on James 2500…come on guy all new super smart phones should be 2900 the least…

  • Mental_Moose

    @Gamercore:disqus Protip: 
    Just in case :p

  • RangersK

    May 3rd will be Saint Chavez’s day.

  • surethom

    If one of the phone only has 16gb it BETTER have a sd card slot.

    • Hugo Pinto

      If they are really going to have a 16GB and a 32GB version, I fear there will be no microSD card slot… :(

  • Wes Jordan

    The thing about putting a 1080p screen on a 4.5-5″ phone is, will the difference in resolutions be noticeable enough for it to be worth the extra burdens on the phone? With every jump in resoultion, the change gets less and less noticeable. That’s the reason why resoultions like 4K and 8K will never get off the groud. 

  • andrew__des_moines

    I don’t think Sammy has 1080p AMOLED figured out yet technologically.  I do however believe Spencer’s has candy underwear figured out, so you should be able to follow through on your wager with little more trouble than a sugar high.  

  • Daniel Tiberius

    It’s probably a given at this point but I’m hoping it has NFC because it’ll push that tech even more into the limelight.  Plus I need people to Beam with using my Note.  

  • Drak

    I seriously doubt that Verizon is dumb enough to NOT carry this phone. Verizon is all about the $$. This phone has $$ all over it. 

     However, if I’m wrong and they don’t carry it, I’ll eat my two year contract.

  • Andrew torres

    I would truely be love that Samsung truely blow the competition out the water. Why they didnt wait till after Apple’s rumored iPhone announcement is beyond me. I can speculate due to agreements they have because of manufacturing retina displays and the like. The SG III needs to have at least a 16/32GB versions (Hoping for a 64GB)and 2GB of ram, and a huge battery. I cant begin to stress how crucial space and battery is, on these phones. If they dont offer phones with a large amount of storage space and no option for sdcard you are really alienating a huge customer base that depends on removable storage. The only thing saving me and keeping my HTC Evo 4G running smooth is app to sd on CM7.2.

  • Christopher Williams

    If this phone releases stateside at the same time as it does in Europe like Apple does with the iPhone, this will more than likely be my first Android device.  I’d hate to have to buy this phone unlocked for an obscene price just to get it before it becomes obsolete in 6 months by the time it gets to the states.  I’m hoping for some good news come May 3rd!

  • Nizzzy

    nice maybe the S2 will be affordable now. Don’t care about quad core ;)

  • mydragoon mydragoon

    “I’d be willing to bet a SAMOLED Plus 720p HD display will be the official spec. If I’m wrong on this, I’ll eat my underpants.”

    “I love good people, awesome tech and great food =) ”

    looks like underpants will be part of ‘food’… :)