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Google Begins Adding 600 Titles to Google Play Store and YouTube With MGM Deal

Another day, another Google Play store deal for movies and television. Google has inked a deal with MGM Studios, a move that looks to add about 600 new titles to the Play Store and YouTube for rent. This is a pretty significant signing as we all await 20th Century Fox to jump on the bandwagon.

While I won’t go into incredible detail about the amount of titles I like from MGM’s camp, I’ll say that many of you will want to consider their library for your next movie night or boring flight on a plane. Google says they’ve already started the process of adding the titles and all of them should be available after a short time (weeks, apparently). Thumbs up, anyway, Google.

  • spicymeatball

    Now if Google could make Youtube play on my GTV in hd I would be set.  

  • John

    we desperately need 20th Century Fox!

  • SuperChunk

    So that means 20th century Fox is the only major label left, right? Just need my SW please.

  • Wayne Cogan

    Now if only Google USA would recognise the rest of the world.

  • ganj_420

    That’s cool…when can I BUY movies?