Vodafone Galaxy S II Update Available Today via Kies, April 17th OTA

Vodafone has announce that the update to Android 4.0 for their Galaxy S II has gone live today, April 13th. The update is available via Kies, an application that you need to download to your PC in order to update the phone via USB. I know many of you are eager to get the update so you won’t mind the minor inconvenience. If you’d rather get the update via an over-the-air process, you’ll have to wait another 4 days as they say it’ll be pushed to users on April 17th. Head here if you’d rather get it sooner rather than later. [via Vodafone, thanks Shane!]

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  • kris

    Any idea on when the Epic Touch will recieve this update?

  • MarcusDW

    How bout T-Mobile USA!!?

  • Robabobbob

    Just installed the update using Kies.  It was a real effort, Kies is a piece of crap!  I’m happy to be on ICS but a little miffed that the key identifying feature (as opposed to functional features) is missing; no blue icon theme in the notofication bar and elsewhere.  A lot of it look just as it did before.  I think I’ll be much happier with CM9 when I take the plunge.

    • thehighyeast

      Just out of interest Rob, how much of your reduced ICS would you apportion to Samsung’s Touchwiz UI overlay, and how much to Vodafone branding/bloatware? I’m in the UK with an unlocked sim-only deal, awaiting the ICS 4.04 update