Samsung ChatOn for Tablets Now Available

Samsung ChatOn fans who have been missing the app on their tablets will be happy to know that Samsung has optimized the instant messenger for Android tablets. ChatOn is comparable to BBM and iMessage, and while it may not be as popular it is a pretty decent app if you now a lot of people with Samsung phones. If you’re a ChatOn user and you have a Honeycomb or an Ice Cream Sandwich tablet, find the update in the Google Play Store.

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  • billcollier

    Cool I like chat on it replaces texting with family.

  • Adam Collins

    Lol. cool

  • DYNK

    chatOn is actually so underrated its better than whatsapp or anyother services I have used…inc kakaotalk, Line etc

    they should have this app for all android and iOS users so i can use it for all my friends

  • Mitchel White

    not all tablets (xoom wifi)

  • Steve Albright

    hmm. Testing now..why not.