Intel Medfield-powered Lenovo K800 launching next month with ‘Avatar technology’

The Lenovo K800 has been boasting its Intel Medfield power since early January, but so far we’ve only had a chance to see it events like CES and MWC. That should be changing soon with the release of the handset next month. Intel’s Sean Maloney dropped that bit of knowledge in a post over at Chinese microblogging site Weibo. He also revealed that Intel-based smartphones will feature something called “Avatar technology,” which looks to create a 3D avatar of the user. How this is accomplished we are not quite sure.  The specific availability of the K800 and its pricing were not revealed.

[via Engadget]

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  • ionekoa

    boring, i was hoping it would be able to bend all 4 elements. 

    • BlackGod

      In all honesty..I was too :/

    • Naim Poonja-Tremblay


  • olbp

    Goody, I always wanted a horrible animated cartoon of myself to show the world. What ever happened to ordinary video of yourself?

  • Montisaquadeis

    His Avatar reminds me of Doctor Evil for some reason

  • David Pat

    so it comes with bloatware ?

  • Aslan Bollin

    So…. Why do or cellphones need Nintendo Miis and Xbox Live like Avatars again o_O?

  • Jay

    Sweet, now phones can do what Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 did years ago! OK joking aside, it looks like a cool tech to explore. Could come in handy for a second life mobile type experience.