Brand New Motorola XOOM 32GB Available at 1SaleADay for $330

If you don’t consider the Motorola XOOM too old to appreciate, 1SaleAday has something for you. They’re offering the original Motorola XOOM 32GB brand new for $330. The first Honeycomb-bearing tablet is being offered brand new. You’ll be getting the WiFi edition, so there’s no 4G, but if you’re looking for a cheap gift or just an affordable tablet to use yourself, don’t shy away from considering it. Get the deal here, today only.

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    A cheap gift?  Since when is $330 a cheap gift….A necktie is a cheap gift.  Guess the phandroid guys are doing well.

    • Stephen_Rockefeller

      They were speaking relatively duh!!!!!

      • Matt Hawkins

        Not relative to my 32GB HP Touchpad with ICS

        • Lex Lybrand

          The one that still doesn’t have a working camera?

          Still, though, $330 is too much.

          • NIGHTSCOUT

            LOL – camera issue

      • RitishOemraw

        not cheap relative to the nexus tablet rumors
        Better specs, better price…then again rumors are rumors

        • AJA0

          That’s just it. RUMORS. Nothing’s official, or even been announced.

  • ErnestineADavis

    Looks good!


    Not a bad price. If 1SALEaDAY hadn’t already got all my
    ‘MAD MONEY’ the last couple of days, I would get this myself.
    Plus, it should ship w/ ICS on board,per MOTOROLA’S ICS rollout schedule.

  • val

    I got a 4g one still with the plastic on it for $180.. Came with two different docks and case. my hdmi cable i use with my charge was not working on the zoom.. Moto sent me one 4 free!

  • Nigel Harrison

    is this the family edition???

  • mrbustamove

    Cowboom has slightly used 4G models for 249.99

  • Treyhunnid

    still best tab to date….4.0.4

  • PeterG

    You can get the Original Asus Transformer with ICS at a better price than this sluggish POS.