Warning: Galaxy Nexus (GSM Version) Suffering From Signal Loss After Updating To Android 4.0.4


Should have seen this coming. Bugs after an Android update are often a common occurrence ’round these parts, and now it’s Galaxy Nexus user’s turn to share in the sorrow after updating their devices to Android 4.0.4. Apparently, this bug is a pretty nasty one. Users have taken to Google’s Android issue tracker and are reporting that after updating to Android 4.0.4., their device has been experiencing connectivity issues whenever entering sleep/screen off mode. Once asleep, the Galaxy Nexus will completely lose signal, causing missed calls, texts, push notifications and anything else that requires signal. Yeah, not good.

Google has acknowledged the issue and is asking for users to submit bug reports to help with developing a solution. In the meantime, rooted users can either clock their CPU’s minimum clock speed to 700MHz to help alleviate the issue or simply revert back to Android 4.0.2 where I currently am sitting pretty. Oh, and if you’re on Verizon Wireless with a CDMA version of the Galaxy Nexus, don’t worry. The issue seems to only be with GSM versions of the device. Any GSM Galaxy Nexus users who have updated to 4.0.4 affected by the bug?

[Google Android Code | XDA | PhoneArena]

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  1. I don’t have a galaxy nexus, but seems like there is always bugs. I want this phone but ill wait for the gs3 to get rid of my gs2

    1. Rockin’ the unlocked white G-Nex right now and everything is working fine. Bugs always follow closely behind updates. Just wait until all the other Android devices get upgraded to ICS O_O

      1. By the time all the other devices get updated, jellybean will be considered outdated.

  2. Great.  Another damn bug that will halt updates for 4 months.  Meanwhile I’m still on 4.0.1.

    1. There’s like 98% of Android users who’d die to be in your shoes right now.. xD

      *First World Android Problems*

  3. I know this said its not affecting vzw gnex but does that also include the ones like mine running 4.0.4? I’m pretty sure I’ve been getting all my calls and txts and email and I haven’t noticed any signal loss while the screen is on. I just wanna make sure cuz I’m getting a job interview call tomorrow and can’t miss it!

  4. I’m rocking an updated gsm gnex and it’s all spades since the 4.0.4 update. It’s better than before the update.

    1. Good to know. Ive noticed there are some lag problems

  5. LOL!!!! They get to join us vzw gnex owners who constantly have no service. WELCOME TO THE CLUB!!! :)

    1.  I only lose signal in extreme cases, like my sister’s condo where not even wifi can get through the walls, or at Chili’s where it seems their goal in life is to kill off any signal.

  6. lawls. finally release it and fail :D

  7. I have the CDMA one but I’m sure as everyone knows, there’s been signal issues forever on that thing. LTE isn’t even that important to me. Seriously, it’s not.

    1. You might check out the 4.0.4 leak from about six weeks ago. It’s not hard to find. It improves things 100 fold. Not kidding … it’s quite nice. And the signal issues disappeared.

  8. mine works flawlessly

  9. GN signal are horrible, LTE or GSM. 

    1. My wife and I are using 4.0.4 (LTE) and that’s garbage. Both of them sit around -83 dBm with 3 bars. I average 24-29M down and have had NO issue. I’ve been doing phone screens for new jobs and have used a TON of minutes in the last week and have never seen a slow down. Maybe it’s where you live.

      Sorry. Just isn’t always the issue of the hardware … could be towers or anything. *shrug*

      1. i lives in Boston, it’s hard for my phone to get a full or 3 bars signal. 

      2. I think the phone just displays lower bars than most. I’ve noticed that I could be in the same room as my wireless router and the phone still shows 1 bar away from full. Lol

  10. With 4.0.4 the problem was exactly like say here. In this moment my GN with MIUI is working very god.. But i want my GN with ROM original…

    1. Your English is God awful.

        1.  +1

  11. A Samsung phone with signal issues??? * Sarcasm* 

    1. Umm it is a software issue not a Samsung issue. And my Nexus is way better then my Sensation IMO.  

  12. HA! Great engineering Samsung!

      1. Samsung engineering, Google design, specifications, and software. 

  13. Now can MOTO have their shot at a NEXUS, w/SPRINT & their upcoming 4G LTE to showcase it first?

  14. No problems at at with my 4.0.4 update on my GSM GNex. Hey everyone who is panning Samsung and the GNex… First, it’s the software update (from Google) that has the issue. Second, this is an unfortunate downside with being the VERY FIRST to get software updates. I’m not saying that I like these bug…at all, but yeah, if you want to avoid this don’t get a Nexus and wait your 6 more months for software updates.

    1. Pretty much nailed it. This is the reason why OEM’s and carriers test these updates for months on end before sending out an OTA update. 

      I admit, sometimes it can feel like they test them a little too much but generally speaking, it’s to avoid problems like this.

      1. Yeah. It think of us Nexus owners as the beta testers for new software…because we basically are, which I think of as a perk of owning one.

        And if you want to own a Nexus and don’t want to beta test, all you have to do is hold off installing your update for a week or two to see if any bugs shake out.

        1. Bullshit. It’s a Google phone. The flagship device with pure Google experience. This is quite indicative of how Google expects users to forgive their shoddy program design. 
          Sorry Google. Please don’t test on me. Give me a solid product that I can boast about. Not make excuses for.

      2. Uuuuh. Guys, you dont HAVE to update just because you have a nexus phone

    2. Or you could get a Nexus and just wait a few days before applying any updates.

    3. Sounds more like a baseband issue than a problem with the ICS 4.0.4 build. This would be why it only causes problems with the GSM version.

      If it is a baseband issue then the solution may be to flash just the 4.0.2 radio firmware and leave the rest of 4.0.4 intact. Just a thought.

  15. How long have you been waiting for the opportunity to use that featured image, Chris? ;)

  16. I’m having this issue as well, a reboot usually fixes it… very annoying though… I would still rather be on 4.0.4 than 4.0.2 though… I will just have to live with it for now.

  17. My Verizon Gnex on 4.02 drops signal and then fails to reconnect at least 3-4 times a week, sometimes it will drop 2-3 times in a day. If I don’t catch it, it will drain a full battery in about 2 hours. If I do catch it, I can switch to airplane mode, then back to normal and it will reconnect to 4g. Anyone else have this issue?

    1. I haven’t had this issue since upgrading to 4.0.4. It used to be a problem I’d encounter ever two or three days.

  18. Good thing i never updated 4.0.4.

  19. I would be excited if mine did that only 3 or 4 times a week. Mine does that allllll freaking day! At least 5 times a day. The gnex has been one of the biggest if not the biggest purchase dissapointment I’ve ever had.

  20. My Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.0.4 don’t have this issue

  21. I have the issue on 4.0.4.
    Alot of signal loss when comming from sleepmode.
    have to go to fligtmode and back to the signal back….

  22. I got my 4.0.4 update on Tuesday and yeah I get more noticeable signal loss but it doesn’t happen when the phone is asleep or anything like that. Still get my push notifications and everything

  23. No problems with 4.0.4 on my GSM Galaxy Nexus (AT&T), and I us the phone a lot. Also, no problems with push notifications when phone asleep.

  24. I had a lot of problems on AOKP Build 29 and then stock 4.0.4 with recovery removed. I wasn’t sure if it was just me. I have since flashed AOKP Build 30 and it all seems to be butter so I am not sure if Kang implemented some fix or what?

  25. This is a software problem. It has nothing to do with Samsung. I had the 4.0.4 bug and I reverted to 4.0.2 and the bug went away. Google will fix it in a day or two.

    Some complain about these bugs. Ok. Complain from Gingerbread for the next year (or forever, lol).

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