HTC EVO One Poses For The Camera Ahead Of Official Announcement

Yes, folks. What you are looking at here is a bonafide HTC EVO One for Sprint. The device, which was to be unveiled during Sprint and HTC’s joint event tomorrow, was captured by the folks at An.Droid-Life and shows off the device in all of it’s… interesting glory. Not exactly sure how I feel about this design. The front of the device was leaked earlier today in a promo pic and it’s only now we’re able to see the device from all angles.

Overall I have mixed feelings about the design but it definitely matches up with the description were were given from our earlier contact to the tee. Have to say, I was hoping for a beefier kickstand. Maybe something a little more neutral in color and not this red chopstick jutting out the back. I guess I’ll hold off final judgment until we can see some HD video of the device from Rob when he travels to the unveiling tomorrow. How are you guys feeling towards the design? Hit or miss?

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  • monique soto

    What the heck is that? Looks like a bastard phone straight outta Star Wars or something. How can that tiny kickstand hold it up sturdy?

    • Covert_Death

      not the prettiest but there is no phone out there on the face of the planet that can rival the feature packed combo this guy has. there is NOTHING missing from this phone

      • Chris Chavez

        Gotta throw a case on that thing, ASAP =p

        • Covert_Death

          can’t argue with that, at least the case will know whether it’s supposed to be matte or gloss haha, unlike this guy :/ who rocks gloss and matte on the same side haha? whatever, i’d buy it in pink and purple 

          • ScottColbert

            No external storage, fuck that.

          • Covert_Death

            What are you talking about, i guarantee you it has external storage if it has a removable back door, probably under the battery like the og evo

          • WHAT?

            Last I checked, Micro-SD cards are external…

          • Chris Chavez

            Gotta go with the combo matte/gloss, bruh. Just like my 20-inch rims O_o

          • Covert_Death

            Chris rides 20s haha, :P

            Thanks for the austin powers movie btw!

          • Fred G. Vader

            Fred: Those ain’t 20’s they 10’s

            Chris: Ok they 10’s – I keep’em clean tho!

          • Ethan Allen

            @FredVader:disqus is that a KJ-52 reference?

          • Fred G. Vader

            @An_UrgeTo_Dance:Disqus From the scene in Next Friday where Day Day (Mike Epps) is trying to convince Craig (Ice Cube) that his rims are 20’s when they’re really 10’s.

        • Robb Nunya

          I thought you were going to Verizon?

      • ScottColbert

        Going by what the specs say on this very site, do a little research.

        • Covert_Death

          Ive done plenty, most rumors say the evo variant does have sd card slot

          • Chris Chavez

            @ScottColbert:disqus @Covert_Death:disqus Nothings been confirmed yet. Get a room you two =p

          • Covert_Death

            ewww never haha :P

      • vcarvega

        Nothing missing… except sexy. That thing is straight ugly. The original design was awesome, they should have left it alone.

    • Edgar Cervantes

      Our opinions might change once we actually get to try the device… But you are right… that thing looks like it is about to break! 

      The EVO 4G had a better kickstand, and the Thunderbolt’s was awesome… I don’t understand how they went back to this.

      • Chris Chavez

        The T-Bolt’s kickstand was like a man’s stand. Nice width. Good thickness. Just felt good. 

        • krisyadao

          uhhhh, that sounds dirty.

        • BigBen7


        • Chris Chavez

          Also had a great curve to it. Great kickstand……. great kickstand.

          • Scotsman of Loch Ness

             This small kickstand really surprises me after seeing the improvements in the Kickstand from the EVO to the Thunderbolt. I really hope they’ve done something to make it more stable than the EVO’s. The Thunderbolt’s is uber stable. There are only three things that would hold me back from getting this at Launch: 1) it must have a SD card (this should be confirmed with the press conference tonight), 2) Rootability (so I can restore my saved games from my 4 Angry Birds games), 3) LTE Available in my area….I don’t want another 4G EVO in a 3G Area.

        • Mr. Smith

          Chris that was the dumbest comment you have ever posted on here #facepalm

          • chancho1978

            Or the smartest, it really give us a good idea of what exactly he is doing in his mom’s basement with his “guy” friends

        • AndroidiMac

           That’s what SHE said.

    • moises1204

      THIS IS GREAT!!!. I AM LAUGHING MY ASS OFF, now that is one ugly phone my friends.

      • AndroidiMac

         I’m with you. I’m a big fan of the EVO series- but I would never buy that ugly thing.

        What is Sprint thinking? The HTC One X was great looking before, and now they ruined it!

    • Andrew torres

      Now the Black and red is still a good looking color combo, and they did a magnificent job rethinking where the damn kickstand should go. The original spot on the Evo 4G was prone to falling over regardless. Now this thing is similar in shape to most other HTC offerings but im dying to see this close up to see how thin it is and if it is lighter then my evo 4g. Thats a big factor for me, considered that ive got to slightly agree with most people and their “Ugly” description, once again i stress it isnt horrible. I see this getting sales out the wazoo for HTC and Sprint like the evo 4g did. That S4 chip is too damn tempting, i sure hope that i win this Galaxy Nexus sweepstakes cuz i could save my 2 yr upgrade for something better then the HTC Evo One

      • vcarvega

        I doubt it will get “sales out the wazoo”… Part of the reason ppl buy HTC phones is the sexy design. An ugly phone is not going to sell well… who would want to show that thing off?!!

  • Rashad Hayes 

    I give it more of an ehh

  • Covert_Death

    honestly, its a little less pretty then hoped for… but i dont give a DAMN, sprint MORE than listened to its customers, it delivered, we got EVERYTHING we wanted that the ONE X didn’t have. SD Card, removable battery, kickstand, dedicated camera button, ALL of these features are there. 

    looks come second to specs all day every day for me, and these specs can’t get more loaded then this, seriously, what else could they add?

    good job sprint, good job. when can i pre-order at best-buy?

    • Alchemy08

      You got all the things u wanted but a ugly design phone, thats shit is ugly and its coming from a OG EVO 4G/3D user 

      • Covert_Death

        Og day one evo owner here, specs over looks any day. whats more dissapointing, getting bored with the look of your phone 6 months or not being able to run half the apps out there on your smart phone cause you chose looks over brains? Just put a case on the back problem solved

        • Mark Seven

          Agreed.  I personally don’t think it looks all that bad.  Still has the red & black theme the OG had and if it really does have everything like Covert_Death is saying then it will be the ultimate phone.  Too bad I left Sprint becuz of sucky coverage.

          • Covert_Death


          • Mark Seven

            Yeah I know.  I do have the Rezound tho. It’s not too bad, just that Facebook sucks on it.

        • vcarvega

          You would have a point if the original design didn’t function JUST AS WELL. The only thing I might miss would have been the microsd slot… the rest of the changes were unnecessary.

      • vcarvega

        Exactly! I stood in line to get my OG Evo on launch day… and have always been proud of my phone. But there is no way in hell I’m ‘upgrading’to that piece of shit. I’ll get a Galaxy Nexus, wait for a proper HTC phone,or leaveSprint for ATT… I’m sure they left the original design intact.

    • Mushdagrt

      I thought it didn’t have a removable battery?

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I usually try to stay neutral and give leaked images the benefit of the doubt. But being honest, this thing looks UGLY! Especially compared to the HTC One X. 

    If any of you buy this, you best not show the back of the device to anyone! lol. I would just buy a nice case as soon as possible! 

  • Don_SoLow

    If the specs for the SGS3 don’t hold up well… I might actually get this… But I doubt the SGS3 will fail me.

    • Patrick Washington

      Yea, you will find out in about 7 months too. lol

      • Don_SoLow

        Unlike most people I don’t mind waiting and my E4GT with ICS is still amazing so I’m not worrying about a new phone right about now :)

  • Android fan

    I’d jump ship from the magenta to sprint if it comes with ics and some GREAT specs. looking forward to seeing the specs from you guys….

    Thanks for the good job keep it up

  • draiko

    Wow. Talk about a complete departure from the design of the One series!

    Part of me wishes that they just took the One X and made the camera bump red while adding a kickstand like the Photon 4G’s

  • Christian Lopez

    The normal One X looks 10x better then this

  • chuckles87

    what i dont get about htc new line up is on ics a fourth button appears for a menu button for aps that are not yet optimized for ics  so where does the fourth button go when needed?

    • mercado79

      There was an article about this on Android Central a couple days ago. Basically, a software menu key will appear on the bottom of the screen. It’ll look out of place, but at least you won’t be stuck.

      • chuckles87

        thanks i found the artical that helps clear things up

    • squiddy20

      It only appears when needed. When it’s not needed, it not visible.

  • http://Phandroid Pnutt916

    Samsung galaxy S3 Epic LTE Touch will destroy this!

    • Patrick Washington

      There is no such phone, and unless you can show proof of existence, stop making stuff up.

  • Kevin Martin

    If you dont like the look get a case, but that only if they specs are good and has the big battery and micro sd

  • Daniel Gallo

    That is one ugly device…I’ve had the original evo and the evo 3d and this is by far the ugliest. The front isn’t back but that glossy back throws me off…ahhh guess I’m waiting for the iphone 5.

  • Jonathan Roman

    looks terrible 

  • GordonGartrell

    Your mother gotta wooden leg with a kickstand, muthaf***er. -Eddie Murphy

    Sorry, I had to say it.

  • EasyEEE

    I am neither a girl or a metro, so I don’t care what it looks like… And yes, it’s ugly. Lol

    It will be buried beneath the behemoth Defender Otter Box.. When one is released.

  • Patrick Washington

    Interesting…….I will reserve judgement until I can see the whole thing in action. Definately has peaked my interest though.

  • Rob Wild

    LMAO, Red?  Really?  Inside the battery door I can see.  Why didn’t Sprint say, Um, yeah that should be yellow.  Do I smell a Verizon merge?  lol 

    • Mark Seven

      The original Evo was black with red trim

      • Rob Wild

         Yes.  But this is a bit more than trim. Shelby Cobra Stripe if you will.  Welcome to Verizon is all I see. ;)

  • NYCHitman1

    Damn, that is one ugly device. I don’t really care about the appearance though. I’ll slap a case and SGP screen protector on that bad boy real fast. The brains is the only thing that matters.

  • str8loungin

    Ugly indeed. Please don’t let this be the final mock up. Please!!!

  • UniqueNate

    I personally think the One X looks better but I mean other then that the phone is the same in every other way. People are making it seem like the physical look of the phone is the function or OS of it. 

  • ryan rochford

    phone is not THAT ugly, but compared to the rest of the one x’s, which are absoutly the best looking phones since the nexus one, its disappointing….

  • EasyEEE

    And I thought event was today, April 4….?

    Any idea what time?

    • Dietrich Dellinger


  • Scott Stafford

    Something tells me this is just a prototype test phone and the exterior will be nicer than pictured. /hoping

  • KillerG

    Hmmm the red reminds me of the Incredible…but on Sprint? Not so much. The kickstand looks okay, just as long as it’s sturdy. I like a little extra color on it, but once there’s a case on it, you’ll never see it

  • gs6456

    One of the ugliest phones ever. Sprint has lost their freaking minds. How do you take one of the best looking phones ever and turn it into one of the worst looking phones ever? WTF!

  • MrDSL

    wow that phone is ugly!!

  • Robert Manser

    Still think my Rezound is the sexiest phone out there, then my galaxy tab, the my prime, now I’m saying sexy I know my prime is better the my galaxy tab 10.1.

  • Fermbiz

    I wass going to wait for this instead of the Nexus Galaxy because of the specs but goddamn that’s one fugly looking phone. Guess I’ll be going with the Nexus Galaxy.

  • Abrcrmdl

    That is ugly as hell i am very disappointed, looks like i will be waiting for something else my photon still works great.

  • Mark Seven

    It’s not THAT bad looking ppl.  Y’all nerds are never happy.  The kickstand looks pretty weak but IF this has everything the One X has + sd AND a removable battery it will be THEE best phone out there!  Especially if u get good Sprint coverage in your area!  If u want power and beauty go get yourself a Lamborgini!  This is a phone!

  • NicksGarage

    Is that a camera button on the side? I hope so! And it looks like it has a removable door on the lower end, probably for access to the SD card slot. The kickstand should be more stable than the OG EVO but not as nice as the t-bolt. I’m on the side that cares more about the specs than the looks, will end up with a case anyway.

  • Dan_000

    Yes I agree it is kind of ugly, the original HTC One X was much better looking. But I personally am not that vain to base my functionality on looks and appearance. That is why I do not have an iphone with 4 geez. Specs, hardware camera button (YES!), bigger battery, sd card slot, etc. more than make up for a not great looking phone.

  •!/MJRxx?refid=0 Marvin Rodriguez

    Ahh this is the evo one? I like the design it doesn’t resemble the one x which is good. It looks thin as well. people come on the kick stand is in the middle of the phone it looks like it can hold its stand. All I hope a white version is release during launch day. Other then that I hope to see more videos and photos about the phone tonight.

  • fins71

    What a bunch of girlscouts in here. Oh, this phone is ugly. Oh, this phone makes me look fat. That time of the month I guess. Estrogen level is high from all these Sallys not liking a phone design. Take a midol girls, you’ll feel better in the morning.

    • Mark Seven

      Exactly!  Maybe the HTC Rhyme is better suited for them.  That way the charm can hang out of their purses and they won’t miss a call. Lol

  • Ren

    Loooks Hot.

  • Jamie

    What everyone is calling a dedicated camera button I do not see in these shots. I DO see a charging port on the bottom side of the phone though. Will wait for the official press release for all the details.

  • EasyEEE

    I think the biggest issue in this picture us the mix of shiny and flat surfaces on the back side. If you haven’t clicked on the picture to get to just the picture and not the Web page and zoom in.. Do it, its a mess of mixed textures on the back. I can’t imagine these pictures completely represent the final design..

    The tiny kick stand currently looks pointless.

    The button does appear to be a dedicated camera button. It was not evident on the other carrier versions in the picture posted yesterday of all 3 from the same angle.

  • Nick

    It really doesn’t matter how it LOOKS, it’s what is on the inside that counts

  • PaulAtreides

    I kind of like the minimal hidden kickstand idea. Not sure how long it will last or how usable the device will be with it up. The finish on the rear is confusing the hell out of me. Go all matte. Also it’s not curved like the original on the right and left sides on the screen and the pretty speaker grills are gone. No Beats?! This isn’t the finish product I believe.

  • tartan1515

    Ouch. This design is a deal-breaker. My ONLY complaint about the OG EVO was the damn red ring around the camera that protruded from the back. It made the phone look like it was intended for snotty-nose teenagers, not the business class. I would have much preferred all blacks/charcoals/chrome. But now HTC goes and does this?

    I’m really disappointed as I was blown away by the One X’s simplicity — it’s a beautiful design. I’m not sure why HTC would go and ditch the curves, give it an obnoxious red belt with a toothpick kickstand, and get rid of the beautiful matte finish in favor of a high gloss? And what happened to the brushed chrome camera ring from the One X? It looks like they’re re-using the small, red ring from the original EVO. I’m very confused and disappointed.

  • Daniel Urena

    whats going on withe speaker no beats?

  • DavidVarghese

    I think I can only make a final call once I have it in my hands… If they just replace that glossy part on the back with some sort of metallic finish, I think that’ll make the phone look better.. In terms of the kickstand, it’s only meant to support the phone.. It’ll not like you’ll be sitting on it or any like that.

    Even if you don’t like the look, it’ll be covered up by a phone cover anyways, so none the less, this phone will be in my hands whenever it releases.

  • tartan1515

    The people who are defending this phone’s design probably own this laptop: 

    That’s. One. Ugly. Phone. WTF HTC?

  • lbe111

    The official name of this phone is HTC One Ugly Evo

  • WHAT?

    4 hours.

    Wait 4 hours until you pass judgement. We don’t know if this is a prototype or whatnot.

    • str8loungin

      I hope it is just a proto as you suggest…

  • vcarvega

    Miss! Sprint totally screwed up the design on this one! So much so that I’m having second thoughts! I’m thinking I will get the Galaxy Nexus instead now :-(

  • joser116

    I thought April Fools was over

  • Stalte

    Is it just me or does that battery look removable

    • Robb Nunya

      Man… I sure hope it is!

  • EasyEEE

    Why don’t we all relax until 5:30pm eastern today … And see what unfolds at the Sprint HTC event?

  • Robb Nunya

    I’ve never seen such a bunch of girls! “oooh! It’s too UUUUUUGLY!” “Ooh! It will clash with my Twilight haircut!”  “Oooh! I don’t like all that red! It doesn’t go with my purse!”

    To the actual females in this thread: You’re excluded from my comments. Feel free to bash this on looks, although if you’re here, I’d assume you’re also into features, and wouldn’t choose a phone strictly on looks.
    Geeze… it’s a phone, not a fashion statement, girls!

    • Mark Seven

      Sum nerds are just never satisfied. I think it looks okay so far.

    • Fred G. Vader

      It will clash with my Twilight haircut!”
      LOL – classic!

  • Mark Seven

    I think the buttons should be red too… like the Rezound’s…

  • PaulAtreides

    Honestly, this thing has way more pluses than minuses. Did I say I love that hidden red kickstand? Having a 2650 mah battery and micro sd makes it better than the original alone. It just resembles the Epic 4G Touch in the front with revised buttons. I know Sprint didn’t skimp on Beats either. This is close to the final product I believe. Now I’m excited for the official announcement. If you didn’t have anything against the back of the EVO 3D, how could you be offended by this one? I had to take a few more views of this beast.

  • barondebxl

    Not as sexy as the One X

  • ilan

    That’s sexy as hell