HTC Evo 4G LTE Pictures and Quick Thoughts

[Update]: Our hands-on video is now live!

I’ve just done a quick hands-on video of the HTC EVO 4G LTE for Sprint, but it’s going to take quite awhile to upload the video and write my full first impressions. While you’re waiting, I thought I’d post some pictures of the device (it’s a beauty) while you wait for all the other juicy content to be squeezed out of the web. There are a lot of people waiting on the forums, too.

I mainly want to discuss the design of the device, which is superb, beyond a few very small irritations. The Evo 4G LTE is absolutely gorgeous, the screen is (4.7-inches) killer, yet the phone feels light and comfortable, and it somehow still manages to pack a 2000mAh battery in its unibody frame.

I love the red kickstand that acts like a high waistline of the device, accented with a red ring around the camera that gives the Evo 4G LTE a very unique look. These days most phones look very similar, but the EVO 4G LTE will definitely stand out from the crowd.

I also really like the varying color and texture above and below the red kickstand. Below you’ve got more of a matte plastic while above you’ve got glossy plastic. Very nice contrast with one exception: that glossy part is a fingerprint magnet. Most people won’t mind, but if this is the type of thing that irritates you, I’m thinking the Evo 4G LTE might drive you to madness.

I’ve got yet to try out the HD Voice feature, but none of the software design is very shocking. Good old Android 4.0, Sense 4.0 which looks quite nice, and everything you’d expect from Android.

I’ll get into the specs and features of the phone in my hands-on video post, so stay tuned, and until then hit up our Evo 4G LTE forums. Feast your eyes on the rest of those pics. Ain’t she a beauty?


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  • edpahk

    Looks pretty awesome. Have had every phone in the evo lineup so far. But gonna wait to see what moto and Samsung have for me

    • Todd

      I wouldn’t expect much from Motorola / Sprint as they basically abandoned the Photon last year and it is (I have it) a rocking phone. Samsung, we are all waiting to see what the GSIII looks like.

  • jjrudey

    This phone is nice and all, but come on with the dozens of articles all over the web.

  • Tommy Thompson

    Can you verify the screen as the same as the One X? Sprints spec sheet doesn’t have a “2” and people in the forum are worried haha

    • Yash Bhatt

      yes, please verify this is SLCD2

    • Covert_Death

      it’s SLCD2, no worries. its just a marketing term (SLCD and SLCD2) they don’t mean anything technology wise, there is NO SLCD2 technology.

      it is however the SAME screen from the ONE X so no one should worry

  • Caleb Lewis

    Actually, it came out better than I had imagined. Sure, I would have liked to have seen Sprint keep more of the HTC One X design, but this is still pretty nice. My 3D is still going strong, but I constantly worry about my camera lens hitting stuff and scratching. Apparently, this is supposed to take care of that. Plus, that kickstand looks pretty nice.

  • Damon Lewis

    4G…LTE…my mind hurts.

  • PJoe

    Glad they are starting from the drawing board and releasing focused new products.

    Oh wait…….

  • 84guy

    i LOVE that the camera lens is way under the back of the phone

  • vcarvega

    Somehow it doesn’t look as bad in these pics as the leaked ones this morning… Still doesn’t look nearly as sexy as the original One X either though. I have NEVER used the kickstand on my OG Evo, so I could have done w/o that, and the two tone black still looks pretty tacky to me… but if this one includes a micro SD slot, it doesn’t look so bad that I won’t buy it.

  • BigBen7

    I like it! Gotta give props to Sprint for listening to their customers and adding a dedicated camera button, SD card slot, bigger battery, and kickstand.  I’m all in! Thanks Sprint!!

  • Steve Albright

    Did they seriously put the charger port on the same size that sits down while using the kickstand? …same bad choice on the Thunderbolt?  

    May not be a huge deal but if your watching a movie and need to charge.. it’s not happening.  

  • NicksGarage

    The bottom half is metal, not plastic. From HTC the case is machined out of a solid block of alloy. The edge band is just the metal polished, can’t fall off, which is a good thing.

  • Alchemy08

    That plastic glossy finish is ugly

  • mhmmd123

    Sprint has one more Evo in the pipeline, that`s what Sprint Rep. told me on Saturday.
     The one we never seen yet, if the Rep. he`s right should have better screen and better
    specs.  But that`s what Sprint Rep. said.

    • BigBen7

      I dont think there will be an EVO with better specs then this till next year.  Maybe a follow up… like an EVO “slide” with a keyboard… like they did before though.

    • Daniel Gallo

      A lot of Sprint reps don’t know what they’re talking about…(don’t meant to be mean) lol but yeah and I can’t see them making a better Evo that’s not how htc and sprint are…maybe a new htc evo shift. 

  • Sam Keaser

    It isn’t necessarily pretty, but it is bold and I’d bet that’s what they were going for. Coming out of the “same design 17 different phones” mess, that was 2011 for HTC,they probably want to differentiate themselves. 

  • Daniel Gallo

    This is kinda of disappointing. If it looked like the Htc one x with these specs then I would be all over it…not a big fan of the design compared to my evo and evo 3d…guess its the iphone 5. 

  • avengers

    What about at&t?

  • Slighter

    Too much red, too vzw-ish