Samsung Releases “Value Pack” For Galaxy S In Korea – Tastes Like Ice Cream Sandwich

Back when Samsung broke the bad-news that the OG Samsung Galaxy S wouldn’t being seeing any taste of Ice Cream Sandwich they did mention that the device would be seeing door-prize of sorts in the form of an update they called a “Value Pack.” This update is now officially ready for Korean Galaxy S users to download and update via Kies. Samsung announced the availability of the update via their official blog page for both Froyo and Gingerbread running Galaxy S’s.

The Value Pack’s most notable features are the ability for users to use ICS-like features such as Face Unlock, snap pics while recording video and launcher improvements. Still no word on when this will be available for users in the US by it will have to go through our carriers rigorous testing process before it can be pushed out over-the-air.

[Samsung | Via SamsungTomorrow and Engadget]

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  • BigCiX

    Good luck reaching the states.

  • erni74

    when in Germany?

  • Ringo

    It’ll probably take years again, if at all, to get to the Czech republic. I am on 2.3.3 and this still waiting for 2.3.6…

  • DYNK

    This OFFICIALLY made Galaxy S the most supported in terms of upgrades and updates to an Android Smartphone yet.
    Even though this isn’t ICS. Eclair -> Froyo -> Gingerbread -> Gingerbread +

    Not even any of the nexus devices had this treatment. I’m glad to have been a Galaxy S user!

  • Rastlin

    We will be lucky of it hits the states…..