Opera Mini 7 hits Google Play, still goes easy on the data


Opera has another update available for their data-friendly mobile browser ready for deployment. Opera Mini 7, which still aims to save on data usage and increase browsing speeds by reformatting and compressing web content, has the added benefit of virtually unlimited homescreen favorites. That’s a pretty nice increase from the nine users could store in older versions. Opera also improved on the browsers hardware acceleration, making site navigation even smoother. You can grab the latest version in the Google Play Store. The price remains free.

Google Play Link: Opera Mini

Opera Mini 7: The must-have app for Android available today
At last! The wait for Opera Mini 7 is over.

Oslo, Norway – March 28, 2012

Taking a page from Etta James, Opera Mini 7 is “a thrill to press your cheek to” for Android users. Today, Opera Software launched the Opera Mini 7 web browser in a final version for the Android platform.

This must-have app is your web surfing soulmate. 160 million monthly users of Opera Mini already know that this must-have app makes web browsing on your phone faster and can help save costs. If you’re watching your mobile data diet, now’s the time to go download the Opera Mini 7 app from the Android Market.
What’s new, Stu?

Glad you asked, Max! Opera Mini 7 for Android makes browsing faster and panning around sites smoother, thanks to improved hardware acceleration.

Feeling boxed in by only nine favorite Speed Dial sites on the Home Screen? With Opera Mini 7, you get as many Speed Dial buttons as you’ll ever want. Add all the sites you want to see right from the moment you start up your browser. No more messing around with fiddly mobile keyboards or bookmarks.
Perfect travel companion

Ever needed to look something up online when you’re away from your home mobile network? Using the web while traveling can turn into an expensive adventure … unless you’re an Opera Mini user on Android. Opera Mini 7 compresses, squeezes and jams webpages from the network into your phone.

Up to 90% of the original data gets cut out, so not only do you use less data, but you also get where you want to go on the web even faster. You’ll also save time on slow networks. It’s the must-have web-travel companion!

Download Opera Mini 7 from Android Market or

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  1. what’s the different between mini 7 and mobile 12?? 

    1. Opera Mini does all the website rendering on a server and basically just displays the website to you.

      Opera Mobile does all the website rendering on the phone itself just as the stock browser would.

    2. Mini doesn’t display Flash or Java scripts and can compress websites by as much as 90%

      Mobile is for more “powerful” devices and has all the plugins but still has a turbo mode which compresses images and makes pages load quicker..

      1. for some reason, i cant comment on phandroid on opera mobile and mini. tried desktop and mobile mode. 

  2. One is worse than Chrome, and the other is much worse than Chrome.

    I kid, I kid, but seriously.

    1. desktop chrome beat all. but chrome beta… need  a lot more work. 

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