International Samsung Galaxy Note (Unlocked) Up For Sale Again For $550 [Deals]

The Samsung Galaxy Note is still a hot ticket item. Despite Nexuses and Ones already or soon to be available some people just like their screens large and in charge. With that, I felt the need to let you guys know that the international version of the Galaxy Note is up for sale again on 1SaleADay for $550 unlocked. That means this should work just fine on AT&T’s HSPA+ network (no LTE) and with a little hacking/rooting, possibly T-Mobile’s as well. Once again this is the international version that features Samsung’s dual-core Exynos processor which should help speed up the OS a little over AT&T’s Snapdragon model. Anyone going to pick one up? Or are you holding out for something else?

Thanks, SweetECKisses4YOU!


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  • nardva

    Not a bad deal for the Note.

  • mreveryphone

    Just got my att note up and running on Tmo 4g!!

    • molomolo

      How come? Did you flash GSM module for it?

      • mreveryphone

        Yeah it worked like a charm

  • Psychochild

    Not from 1saleaday I just received my order from there last sale they really suck on shipping stuff out

    • rmreid

      How long from the time you ordered did it take to get to you?
      Curious as I hate companies who charge your cc immediately and then take forever to ship

  • Salar Sadri

    I Just ordered mine!! :-)

  • Chris Spells

    Sigh….such a tease for us VZW folk :(

  • rmreid

    Very tempted as this is a great price

  • rmreid

    Very, very tempted as this is the best price I have seen for an off contract Note

  • james

    When you put a “d” at the end of fine, you’re not fine.

  • B2L

    Chris as far as I know only the AT&T branded version can be hacked to work on T-Mobile. Please correct me if I’m wrong and send me a link, because I would kill to put my International Note on T-Mobile.

  • Lauren

    Is there any word that Sprint may be getting a Galaxy Note???  Please help.

    • molomolo

      no so far – only GSM version