Orange Galaxy S II Receiving Android 4.0 in April

If you folks were still wondering when Orange would bring Ice Cream Sandwich to their Galaxy S II, the answer is a decent one, but still a vague one – April. April’s not totally unreasonable. It’s only 8 short days away. That doesn’t mean we’ll be seeing this thing as early as 8 days, of course, but without a “beginning,” “middle,” or “end” of the month window it’s hard to tell.

It’s especially tough to swallow since other UK and European users have begun receiving the upgrade. But if you can wait another month and a quarter, you shouldn’t be disappointed… hopefully. These types of things are always unpredictable. [via Cnet]

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  • jean_loup

    I have a GSII purchased through Orange but it’s rooted and unlocked, at the risk of sounding like a complete noob, I’m still gonna ask if I’m likely to get ICS from them or if I should seek some other method to put it on my phone…

  • t

    Question why won’t good just push stock android updates to all devices and let the manufacturers update there skins at there leisure ? Seeing as that’s what the holdup always is .

  • t

    (Google )lol

  • DYNK

    this post is v a g u e

    orange what? orange uk? france? Ger? c’mon…