Wes Anderson brings us latest Sony Xperia TV spot

Critically acclaimed director Wes Anderson isn’t new to commercials. He isn’t new to stop-motion animation either (see The Fantastic Mr. Fox). But a new TV spot for Sony marks the first time Anderson has dabbled in the medium for the smaller screen. The cutesy commercial was inspired by Anderson’s discussions with children on how they imagine a smartphone works on the inside. In this case, one child speculates that an army of robots are really behind all the music, movies, and games we consume on our mobile devices. The result is something quite charming. Check it out for yourself and head over to the source link below for a bit more backstory.

[via TechCrunch]

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  • Unorthodox

    This commercial sucks. The idea was great, but who are they targeting with this? I can only see folks with kids being a target audience, no other social group would ever get captivated with this little, ehmm, cartoon? This is complete opposite of perfectly executed AT&T ads about reminding yourself about childhood dreams. I guess the voice over is misleading in Sony’s case.

  • Lactose_the_Intolerant

    Inventive… they’ll pare it down – it should work as a 30 second spot.

  • Marsg

    alright great but the phone was only shown for like 2-3 secĀ 

  • amaroth amaroth

    so is it coming to any u.s. carriers?