Huawei Ascend D Quad to enter production in June, will ship in July

Huawei’s first quad-core smartphone, the Ascend D Quad introduced at this year’s Mobile World Congress, will hit shelves in July according to Chinese website CNMO. The phone is set to go into mass production a month prior in June, giving the D Quad a bit later of a start than most expected. The handset’s processor was developed in-house by Huawei and will compete head to head with the Tegra 3 chipset found in HTC’s One X and the quad-core Exynos processor developed by Samsung, which should debut in the Galaxy S III.

If Huawei holds true to its reputation, it could find an advantage over more recognizable brands with an aggressive pricing model. This may not be as easy to accomplish compared to previous offerings given the mobile manufacturer’s latest flagship features high-end specs that include a 4.5-inch 720p display, 8MP camera, and 1GB of RAM. The Ice Cream Sandwich phone will launch during a summer season chock full of quality handset releases.

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  • Groh_G2

    HAIWEI suck!!! HTC is winner! PERIOD!

  • james

    Coming from a guy that couldn’t spell Huawei when it’s in the title of the thread says a lot. Just four years ago, HTC was in the same position Huawei is now.

  • Fred G. Vader

    Is anyone else having trouble with the pictures showing up on the main page of the mobile app? Once i go into an article the pic shows up fine but they are not showing on the main page.

  • @Groh_G2

    @James… here…. HUAWEI… happy? Smh…. HTC is winner… HUAWEI is the number one cheapest brand in market! You know that! James! Duh!

    • james

      The point is at one time HTC was considered a cheap brand. Now you consider it “winner”. Whats Huawei going to be like in four years? My guess is better than HTC since every HTC phone has been the same phone with gimmicks added for two years now.

  • John Mayson

    I have the Huawei S7 tablet and have been pleased with it.  I want to get a new phone later this year.  The Ascend D is on my short list of phones to get.

    • winwinwinwinwin

       how is that tablet working for you ,  i am planning  to buy one

  • Jaswinder Singh

    I agree HTC is the old Huawei. Think before the Google picked them for the G1. They were making cheap, crappy, plasticy phones. Android was the best thing ever happened to HTC

    • iwave

      There  was nothing cheap, crappy or plasticy about HTCs older devices. I have an Orbit running Windows Mobile that still works fine and is far more robust than the HP WM phone it replaced.  When I say “fine”, I’m talking hardware, the software is still as awful as the day I bought it.  You’re right that Android was the best thing that happened to HTC, but there’s never been anything wrong with their hardware until recently (I’m now the unfortunate owner of a Sensation with an external antenna).

  • Regg Joo

    Huawei makes decent, but cheap, reliable phones right now, and what’s coming from them says they want to step up. As much as I abused my old ascend, software wise, and physically, it’s a wonder it still works, right now. Almost a year and a half from me is a blessing to any electronics! Check out what their main buisness is, they have the tools to be very good in the future.

  • wastry

    Not the Samsung Galaxy S3, don’t care

    Hey, GNex fans, am I doing it right?  Being an ass in unrelated threads?

  • Marsg

    Any info on which carriers or if its going to hit the u.s