Draw Something Officially Acquired By Zynga – CEO Says Future Will Be “Drawsome”

It’s official. 2 days ago, we told you guys about the speculation that Zynga could be buying up OMGPOP for a substantial amount of money and today, we finally have official confirmation. While financial terms weren’t specifically mentioned, it’s estimated Zynga spent around $200 million for the social game developer (Zynga only spent $40 million when they acquired Words with Friends). That’s a lot of money for a 40 person team based in New York. OMGPOP had this to say in their official announcement:

“The game will stay true to you and what you love, and it’s my solemn vow that the magic of Draw Something will not change,” he said. “With the added resources we now have, and the deep gaming experience we can draw from, we can’t wait to continue to surprise our users. If you’re a fan, a player of ours, I can’t wait to show you what’s in store – it’s going to be drawsome.”

Looks like the game will only get better from here on out with more money to put towards development of new features and more funner/wacky/sometimes gross words. Draw Something has been a runaway hit on Android and iOS garnering around 12.2 million daily users. I’m hoping someone will come up with a charades like title using your front facing cam.

[Google Play Link | Via PCMag]


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  • JulianZHuang

    got bored with that game already… i shouldnt bought it back then haha

  • 3eleven

    This is both good and bad. Good for OMGPOP but bad for users imo. Zynga doesn’t have the best track record with android updates. Hell I still can’t get my words with friends to work right. I’m looking at you notifications…

    • http://twitter.com/gamercore Chris Chavez

      I actually liked the fact that WWF has push notifications. Can’t wait til Draw Something gets ’em :)

      • JBrowne1012

        For a minute i thought WWF was wrestling lol my bad

    • DarrenR

      Zynga doesnt have a good track record with update of any type.  All they care about is getting your money, after that they couldnt care less about you.

  • bob

    Boring game and I guarantee zynga will make it worse. Props to all the new millionaires over at OMGPOP though.

  • TheCaprican

    Fuck Zyng. Fuck you greedy bastards.

  • AJA0

    lol. Smart move by Zynga. I hate them, though.

  • Morris

    Zynga fucks up everything!

  • http://Phandroid Pnutt916

    Sweet! Maybe now I’ll get a notification that its my turn like I do on words!

  • ChrisGroff

    The app is already horribly unstable across the three devices i’ve used it on (HTC Incredible, Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy Nexus) and it constantly freezes and FCs.  It’s a perfect fit among the Zynga apps!

  • http://cashd00d.co.cc/ WHAT?

    How long until they change the name of the game to “Draw With Friends”?

  • Jeff432

    Zynga always ruins their games by being too greedy.

    I hate their Texas hold ’em app because they have something similar to “chips at low prices” written directly on the tables to get us to buy more chips.

  • http://me2bz4u.com/~jkenscoff/blog2/ PhoenixP3K

    Zynga has a pretty bad rep overall. I hope Draw Something can somehow preserve it’s essence.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tramp-Pauline/100000676292000 Tramp Pauline

    Its a fun game but there are some improvements I would like to see. The ability to remove players from your list, once you are in a game with some one how do you get out if they keep just writing the word instead of drawing. Also the letters at the bottom of the guessing part should be retractable to make screen grabs easier as people tend to start in the middle of the page and work down. And at the moment it could do with more words, I can guess ‘ladygaga’ before people start drawing! Although I’m sure they are adding them.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/5HGO2HTUXRTUU436HBXFAAV7BY A