Comcast XFINITY TV app updated with support for Ice Cream Sandwich devices

The transition to Android 4.0 hasn’t been the most expeditious process, especially for some applications still playing catchup with the operating system’s updated interface.  So has been the case with Comcast’s XFINITY TV app, which despite a February update has been without Ice Cream Sandwich support until the television gods smiled upon it today. The latest version of the app doesn’t do much to add to the new features brought in the previous update, but it does address some minor bugs. If ICS put a damper on your voracious consumption of shows and movies, you can now return to vegging out as you see fit.

Google Play Link: XFINITY TV

[via AndroidPolice]

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  • Graesen Arnoff

    But we’re still excluded from the streaming fun that Apple has… yay…

  • Jdog25

    The resolution for the mobile app on my Galaxy Nexus sucks so bad, it was fine on the Nexus S.