Samsung exec says Quad-core Exynos with on-board LTE for Galaxy S III

A Samsung exec wishing to remain anonymous has apparently spilled a few beans about the highly-anticipated Galaxy S III. Speaking to the Korea Times, the source confirmed that the latest flagship model will utilize a next-gen Exynos CPU developed in-house by Samsung. The quad-core processor — built on a 32nm process and based around A9 architecture — is said to carry on-board LTE and WCDMA radios.

The all-in-one CPU comes as part of Samsung’s attempt to distance itself from external component supplies and increase the company’s self reliance. Sammy is particularly eager to reduce their dependency on Qualcomm for cellular radios and modems. According to the insider, the development of the platform is complete and the CPU is ready to be deployed, words which seem to line up with rumors stating that the Galaxy S III has entered the production phase.

[via Engadget]

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  • drzfr3shboialex

    As long as it comes to tmo hopefully with future late support and 84mbps hspa+ which they said they might deploy

    • wastry


  • Defenestratus

    Why support HSPA anymore?  Only one carrier is going to be using it domestically and they are going to be ditching it next year.

    • Alek Tritt

      Wrong wrong wrong wrong.

    • BulletTooth_Tony

      HSPA is going to be around for the better part of the next decade….. and a good fallback network is beneficial.  Just ask Verizon how well LTE has worked for them with their monthly outages.

    • Michał Polak

      The phone will be sold worldwide.

    • Stefan K

      HS(D)PA covers 90% of whole the EU, and is capable of speeds that people in the US call ‘4G’, so no need to whine about the technique :)

      It can handle speeds up to 28Mbit (download)

      • Defenestratus

        Yeah but who cares about the EU? :P

        • Micha Ols

          Given the EU has 0.5 billion residents compared to the 0.3 billion US residents – quite a lot of people.

          • wastry

            It’s the size of the ship that counts, not how many people you can cram into it.  If population density was the gauge, China would be miles ahead.

            The fact is, while the US has less population, the per capita GDP of those citizens is vastly greater than the EU.  Translation:  US has less citizens, but they’re wealthier, hence, more attractive for companies to market to.

          • Micha Ols

            And that makes no one care about the EU?

            There are still 0.2 billion more people potentially reading this article and potentially caring about network speeds.

      • Micha Ols

        No, HSDPA is 3,5G. 4G is LTE which is not very broadly available in the EU. Lots of Providers start building their LTE this year. It will be available in populated areas this year.

        • lordofthereef

           Errr… I think you need to reread what you just responded to. Your tone makes it seems like you are disagreeing with what was said, but in actuality akk you did was back it up.

          • Micha Ols

             Oh, thanks for the hint. I think I misunderstood a part of the message indeed.

    • Jason Crumbley

      Wrong. At&t and T-mobile use HSPA. The GS2 Skyrocket uses HSPA+ AND LTE, which is way better than LTE and Verizon’s 3G or Wimax/eventual LTE and Sprint’s 3G. LTE + HSPA = much more reliable and consistent speeds. T-Mobile will be starting on their LTE network soonish, but T-Mobile’s LTE with be the next step up from what both Verizon and At&t are currently using.

  • John Wisner

    Looking forward to the S3 being my next new and improved all-in-one cell phone experience.  Power to the people.

  • MrDSL

    With HTC heading in the iphone direction (non removable battery,no sdcard) it looks like Samsung is the way to go once again this year.

    • Patrick Washington

      If heading in the direction means laster longing battery then im all for it. Sadly this was going to be an option for me but to have to wait so long for a processor built on 32nm process based on A9 arch…….seems to be a bit behind when you have the S4 built on 28nm with the Krait……

      Too many advatanges for the S4…Now if this SGS3 was coming with the new Exynos 5250 with the A15 arch then that would be a different story. But this isn’t the case.

      • MrDSL

        There has been no breakthrough in battery tech though..Until then all the processor crap to help with battery isn’t going to make much of a difference.

        • Patrick Washington

          Well considering the people who reviewed the One X at MWC all said that the battery life seemed to be alot better, then something probably has changed. Won’t know what until people in the states get their hands on the version with the S4 and review it.

          • kwaping

             I think we can get better phone life with 4G even without new battery technology. I think they should use 3G for all background data needs and reserve 4G for only user-initiated requests. Granted, it might require a pretty big software update to differentiate those two things, but I bet that would still be easier than a battery tech update.

  • deeoh1084

    this is all i wanted to hear about galaxy s III and i am very very satisfied already even though the phone hasn’t been fully announced  yet i love you Samsung!!! just don’t delay the damn device in US for so long like the SGS II

  • Gladiator_Posse

    If that previous rumor about 2gb ram is also true, and Tmobile doesn’t get this phone early on OR they try and slap some other processor in their version, I’ll jump ship.

  • Steve Douglas

    Does this mean possibly getting this on Verizon? :)

    • C-Law

      No. Verizon uses CDMA2000. W-CDMA is UMTS, so more like AT&T’s network

      • duckforlife

        Are you saying this will FOR SURE not be on Verizon? iPhone 5 it is then. 

        • wastry

          He’s saying he hopes it’s an ATT exclusive (like that’ll ever happen).  The truth is, there haven’t been any details released, so no one knows.

  • wtpanos

    Sounds sick. Not feeling lusty though. I’m totally content with my Gnex. I can’t imagine what phones will be like December of 2013 once I’m up for another upgrade.

  • wastry

    Really hope this isn’t true; I’d much rather have a dual-core A15 than a quad core A9 :(

    • Bobby Wright

      Exynos 4412(Quad-core) is built on 32 nm process + LTE on the same chip? So what if it still uses the  ARM Cortex-A9. The processing power will be there, graphics will be there (ARM Mali-400 MP4 (quad-core) or better) battery life should be great. This is as much a future proof phone that I’ve seen.
      So why complain? this thing will still be a beast.

      • wastry

        True, it’ll still be fast, but not as fast as it could with the A15 architecture, and not as future-proof.  

        I don’t plan on buying a new phone every 6mo; I buy them every 2 yrs, so I’d like one that won’t be obsolete in 6mo, the way the old A9 chips will. I’d much prefer the Mali T-604, or the 5450 *drool*

        • Cenarl

          Is a quad core Exynos REALLY going to be obsolete though?  The time waiting on an A15 product that gives you everything you want, could be time enjoyed with an S3 + already counting months off your 2yr contract. You can bet once the glorious A15 is released they’ll already be something else around the corner. Now no doubt if the wait for A15 isnt but a few months after S3 release I’d wait too, but there’s a lot to consider such as will the first A15 devices have the screen size or type that you want, will your carrier even get it, etc etc… If i ended up having to wait till the S4 released to get the phone i really wanted I would be disappointed when i could have had an S3 + a year counted off on contract.

          • wastry

            I never said I was gonna wait for the A15; I plan on getting the S3, but I’d prefer it to have the A15 architecture instead of the A9

  • Micha Ols

    What you call “all in one CPU” in this Article is commonly known as SoC – System on Chip.
    The Exynos is not a CPU, it is a SoC like Quallcomm’s MSMXXXX or QSDXXXX, Texas Instruments’ OMAP chips or NVIDIA’s Tegra Chips.

  • Jason Farrell

    FWIW – The chip pictured in this article is the 2GHz dual-core 5250 A15, while the one purportedly going into the S3 is the “lesser” 1.5 – 1.8GHz quad-core 4412 A9.

    Also, the S3 will have the same GPU (Mali400) that’s found in the Galaxy S2, though the size has shrunk from 45nm to 32nm, so it should be faster & more-efficient.

    The Exynos to lust after is the 5450 which is a 2GHz quad-core A15 with the new GPU, which is also due out sometime this year. It’ll probably end up in tablets first, but too late for the S3, and too old for next year’s S4.


    • wastry

      There hasn’t been any news on the 5450 since it was shown in Feb., so I’m kinda holding out hope that Samsung has been mum so they can quietly create enough to meet the S3 demand.

      They gotta know that the new S3 has huge expectations, and I’m hoping they’ll opt to put something amazing inside it instead of coasting on the success of the S2.

  • riffwaffle

    does anyone understand,nobody is reaching  a true 4g speed for a few years?

    • malcmilli

      as long as you understand, people generally do not care if its characterization is technically 100% accurate as long as they get to experience speed boosts. 

      But i supposed marketing things as 3.5G or 3G+ wouldnt have the same effect. 

    • BulletTooth_Tony

      We’ve had true 4G for several years already thru HSPA and LTE.  Do yourself a favor and try to keep up with 2 year old ITU rulings on what the current classifications are.  IMT-Advanced is a totally different category…and clearly, a totally different name – even if it too will be sold as 4G.

      “ITU has determined that “LTE-Advanced” and “WirelessMAN-Advanced” should be accorded the official designation of IMT-Advanced … IMT-Advanced is considered as “4G”, although it is recognized that this term, while undefined, may also be applied to the forerunners of these technologies, LTE and WiMax, and to other evolved 3G technologies providing a substantial level of improvement in performance and capabilities with respect to the initial third generation systems now deployed.”

  • maximillion82

    Smart move to integrate more onto one die, not just making Sammy less reliant on qcomm bit it’s also more power efficient. Sadly its a9 still rather would have seen dual a15, should be less power hungry.

  • Marsg

    lol im going to switch to at&t if verizon doesn’t gets an s3 

  • godrilla

    Give me galaxy s 3 with hspa+ 82mbit/sec on tmobile with exynos quadcore and we will compare download speeds and battery life!

  • olbp

    Good, I’ll be expecting this and a better than retina style display in the NOTE 2, along with better drawing, which I am patiently awaiting. My 9 year old current Samsung flip-phone can hold out a little while longer.

  • James G

    Hang on, so this wont be coming to att with that quad core?

  • Jeff432

    The Tegra-3 was overhyped.