TELUS Tablet Flex plan gives you Unlimited Data (for two amazing months)

All Canadian readers, you may want to check oot this offer from TELUS, giving you two months of unlimited data fro $5/month. It also looks like the activation fee will be waived off.

[via mobilesyrup]

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  • AJA0

    “unlimited data fro $5/month”

    Do you guys proofread your articles?

  • Len Waugh

    And then the 3 year contract kicks in.

  • Gabriel Castro

    uhm telus flex plans START at $10 and go up depending on how much data you use upto $30 for 500MB or $90 for 9B depending on your plan then anything above ($30 or $90) is 2cents per MB, so really the least you gunna pay is $30 for 500Mb and then you’re stuck on a plan with 500Mb for three years.