Adreno 2xx drivers for ICS made available by Qualcomm


The significant changes made to the Android source code for Ice Cream Sandwich meant that creating a fully-functional, smooth as silk custom ROM has been a significant challenge to even the most talented developers.

The modding community took to Qualcomm’s forums, asking for any kind of assistance, and fortunately for the entire Android community, Qualcomm answered their call. The binaries for all the Adreno 2xx series GPUs have been made available, which should help developers significantly when it comes to enabling hardware acceleration.

Developers can get their hands dirty over here.

[via MoDaCo]

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. I wonder how much they make?

  2. Hey Nvidia look here, perhaps this post gives you some insperation do release the tegra drivers to us.

    1. Plus one to that

      1.  No, those for the other chipset used in phones, not tablets. They differ.

        1. Glad to see you actually clicked the link since if you did you wouldn’t have posted what you did.

          Nice try though.

  3. Sweet! This can only mean better ICS Roms for the HP Touchpad being that it uses an Adreno 220.

  4. Mali 400 drivers please!!!

  5. Cool this should improve the thunderbolt ICS roms

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