Android Overload: Cricket Signs 4G LTE Deal With Clearwire, Google Offers Expands To 4 New Cities with 11 New Partners and More

If you don’t know what this Android Overload thing is all about, this is the place where we stash all the news stories that made it past out desks — and didn’t get featured on our front page — from throughout our day. You can always come here when you want to find a few hidden gems, or you simply need a little extra Android news in your life. Dig in.

  • LG Optimus V on Virgin Mobile receives and update. [VirginMobile]
  • Barnes & Noble begins in-store program to enable 8GB of internal storage for Nook Tablets. [Cnet]
  • Consumer vs. AT&T lawsuit gets even more dramatic. [GigaOM]
  • Cricket/Leap Wireless sign 5-year deal with Clearwire for 4G LTE rollout. [Engadget]
  • Sprint Kyocera Milano receives bug fixing update to software version 1.006sp [SprintCommunity]
  • Google search gets a refresh. [WSJ]
  • Google Offers gets 11 new partners and expands to 4 new cities. [GoogleCommerce]
  • ST-Ericsson could be purchased by Nvidia AMD, Intel or others. [Electronista]
  • The Samsung SCH-R940 has passed through the FCC on its way to becoming a Metro PCS exclusive. [Androinica]
  • A new LTE-enabled handset from LG with model number P936 has also found its way through the FCC. []

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