Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket HD For AT&T Passes Through The FCC – Release Imminent?

We haven’t seen or heard very much from the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket HD aside from its official announcement a few weeks ago. That announcement failed to mention a release date which has left many wondering exactly when the device would drop. Well, the device has finally passed through the FCC today showing off it’s bands and even NFC capabilities. Hopefully, this means a release is just around the corner and for Samsung’s sake, let’s hope it’s before the HTC One X drops.

[FCC | Via Engadget]

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  • abc

    Just release the SGS-3 instead!

  • sean76

    This phone would be awesome if it dropped with ICS…I’d definitely entertain grabbing one if that was the case. With the HTC one X not expected until late Spring/early Summer, this would be a great release right now for Ma Bell.

  • Daniel Gallo

    Oh many Samsung devices does At&T need? They just got the Galaxy Note and  they have the Skyrocket and the  Samsung Galaxy II…

  • hulk smash

    Eta this month?

  • IronHorse01

    Pffft yet another version of the galaxy s2 what is the point?!! When in a couple of moths or so the S3 will be released? Stop trying to milk the consumers pockets and release the S3 already, jeez starting to look like what moto did with the bionic, then razor, then razor maxx all withing a Span of a couple of months. Wtf

  • Omer Subhani

    AT&T will have a regular GSII, a GSII Skyrocket and now a GSII Skyrocket HD… does that make any sense? Lol. Why didn’t they just release one device, the Skyrocket HD, in the first place? Whatever. I’m happy with my GSII. Waiting for the GSIII Skyrocket HD to come out tho ;)

    • JSYOUNG571

      Lets do that over. Samsung Infuse 4G (Still waiting on GB Update) Samsung Galaxy S2 (Still waiting on ICS Update) Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket (Still waiting on ICS Update) Samsung Galaxy Note (Still waiting on ICS Update) and now an upcoming Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket HD (? on ICS or ? on Jelly Bean).  They refuse to get an Galaxy Nexus.

  • Mark Seven

    Well DAMN how many SII Galaxies are coming out??  The shit just doesn’t make sense and here we are complaining about a new iPhone droppin every year.  No wonder updates are so slow.  They need to concentrate on updating everything to ICS.  These manufacturers like to make it hard for us to defend them.

  • Xcution26

    Sadly because it has expandable storage and a removable battery this is my top choice to upgrade from the Inspire 4g

    • JSYOUNG571

      The Infuse 4g that we have all been waiting almost a year to get a 2 year old OS (Gingerbread) on. I don’t trust AT&T as far as I can throw them at this point with Samsung and updates.

      • BigCiX

        yup…..majority of the time its att the fault the late update.

    • Kenny

      FYI, the inspire has a removable battery and expandable storage. email if you have any questions

  • Josh Richard

    personally, i can’t wait for the Samsung Beam HD Note. 


    • Jens Zalzala

      Pft, won’t you look like a sucker when the Samsung Beam HD Note Skyrocket comes out!

      • Zev

        Geeze. HD goes at the end!

  • the_suffering

    ive been pining for this phone for a couple months now, but now im seriously considering holding out for the galaxy s3.  :-(  ill feel a little burned if i get this and then a  month or two later the s3 is out for att.  if the s3 is just an international release and the us version doesnt come for 6-9 months later id feel a little better about it at least.

  • Daniel Tiberius

    Hopefully Android Beam is on board.  

  • BigCiX

    no ics mean epic failure