HTC One X rooted ahead of launch with new Superboot tool

The HTC One X won’t hit shelves for a few more weeks, but that hasn’t stopped MoDaCo’s Paul O’Brien. The Android developer extraordinaire has cracked the new flagship device’s software and is offering a tool that will allow others to easily do the same once they get their hands on the HTC’s latest and greatest. The method is called Superboot and writes to a user’s handset a boot image that handles all the dirty work of rooting. It’s not quite one-click, but it’s a heck of a lot easier than manually partitioning, altering ADB, and so forth.

The HTC One X will reach European carriers some time in April. A US variant bound for AT&T is expected to launch over the summer.

[via AndroidCommunity]

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  • Scott Wilson

    Way to go!! Hopefully they don’t follow in Moto’s steps and start bootloader encryption… 

  • Patrick Washington

    Thats not how HTC does business. They are nothing like MOTO. Thank goodness.

  • Justin Case

    Nice reporting phandroid… not. How about some accurate reporting now on?

    It has an unlockable bootloader, its not cracked. 
    He got a leaked copy of the firmware, and modified the boot.img. No cracking involved.

    • Cipher Zero

      “Nice reporting phandroid… not. How about some accurate reporting now on?”…yeah, good luck with that. You have to take everything you read on Phandroid with a salt mine. This was brought to you by the Android blogsite which stated that the Nexus One was the first phone to Android 2.0 – and never bothered correcting it when several people pointed it out. They seem much more concerned with quantity over quality of blogs. Of course they’ll put a spin on it “ a constant effort to get news out first to our valuable readers…blah blah blah.” /rant

  • cowgar

    everything ready to port CyanogenMod 9 alpha from Transformer (prime) branch…

  • sean76

    Hitting at&t in the Summer??? Seriously HTC and Android phone manufacturers should have learned from Apple already. Announce a device and them make it available in under 2 weeks. This we’ll be releasing the device in 3-4 months nonsense has to stop already.

    • Joshwa1

      By the time that is released is alredy outdated. Maybe jellybean its out.
      Hope the gs3 came before summer.

  • EasyEEE

    Sick of exclusives.

  • toomuchgame441

    hate when they release these devices so damn late