Nexus S Receives Sense 4.0 Frankenport ROM From The HTC One X

Might wanna tuck away the kiddies before continuing with this post. Seems there’s still a good deal of development left on the Nexus S as evidenced by a leaked Sense 4.0 ROM being ported to the device. Yeah, that’s HTC’s ROM on a Samsung device. Definitely not for the faint of heart. Of course, crazy stuff like this was a pretty normal occurrence back in the G1 days when Blur and Espresso ports were an average day on the XDA forums.

This Sense 4.0 ROM in particular comes from a leaked Endeavor RUU — a device with a 720p HD display and quad-core processor — which means a little shoehorning will be required to get the ROM up and running smoothly on the Nexus S. Of course, the ROM is still in its alpha stages, which means don’t go expecting too much. If you wanna give it a look or maybe help out for kicks, hit up the source link below.


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  • Aaron soles

    That’s pretty awesome! Kinda like when the EVO had a moto blur port weird. I would like to see a windows phone Rom for the rezound or any phones. I know It’s crazy but be interesting to switch around on one phone.

  • Pip

    Cool idea, but my beloved htc software on horrendous Sammy hardware?! Just don’t blame htc for the device failure.

    • iwave

      Absolutely!  I’d rather port the hardware than the software.

  • Del373

    Why not offer this up for the Galaxy Nexus?  It seems like it would be a more likely candidate considering it’s already running ICS and it has hardware that’s a tad more capable than the Nexus S’s.

    • Powsniffer0110

      Ics is official and running on nexus s.

  • 155

    Just in case you didn’t want to use the stock ICS build.

  • mikexilva

    My wife’s Nexus S just received yesterday the OTA from 2.3.4 to 2.3.6… And I thought  it would get the OTA to 4.0 by X-mas (when I offered her the phone)…. but I suppose it’s still in the forgotten list of Google’s high priority highly supported devices… :(