Toshiba shows off 13.3-inch Tegra 3 tablet concept

With the paint still drying their quad-core 7.7-inch slate announced at Mobile World Congress, Toshiba is already looking ahead to what’s next. The company recently had their wares on display in the UK, and among them was a 13.3-inch tablet prototype built around NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 platform. PocketLint was on site and able to snap off a few pictures of the new device, calling it “extremely light,” though it’s hard to say whether the model on display featured the full hardware compliment. The device was a non-functional dummy unit.

As of now Toshiba has no firm plans for the unannounced device. Whether or not a final version sees the light of day will be based on consumer reaction to the design and Toshiba’s current crop of tablets. The company has been pumping out some pretty solid tablet hardware as of late but hasn’t been able to hit the  sweet spot with the general public.

[via PocketLint]

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  • Mitchmoney

    I like the idea of 13 inches but that just looks weird… They should have given it a little more height because that looks to long..

    • sc0rch3d

      she never complains about size

      • 1drumshark

        She will her first time

    • smithers85

      it’s called aspect ratio.

  • CharlieTX

    I’ll take one !!!


    How bout getting rid of the bezel, and having all screen?

    • bluevoodo

       and hold it from where? to prevent your fingers from interfering with the OS?


        To have a “Virtual” bezel. Similar to the on-screen buttons for ICS. At certain parts of the OS, when you touch that part of the screen nothing happens, but when there is an option for scrolling, or zooming, pre-programmed swipe gestures will do the trick.

        • Stephen_Rockefeller


    • abc

      You need a bezel. At least for me there needs to be a bezzel, I don’t want to hold a Tablet with my fingers interfering with the screen. That’s just me though.

      No side bezels on a phone do make sense though, but on a tablet not really.

      Just my opinion.

  • Aaron Berlin

    It’s sort of crazy that OEMs have spent a year playing with different screen sizes but nobody has bothered to go bigger than 10.1!

    • Stephen_Rockefeller

      you talk like tablets have been around for years……..

      • Ash

        It has, just not as many people use it or know about it.
        Even WinXP had tablet….IIRC.

      • Adnoxaei

        Well, off the top of my head Android tablets come in 7, 7.7, 8.9, and 10.1 inch sizes. Out of the dozens of tablets on the market there should be something bigger, but 7 and 10.1 seem to be the most common. I know tablets with other OSes come in bigger sizes. I’d love a 12.1 or 13.3 inch tablet and I know others who also like that size.

      • ScottColbert

        They have, since 2002. 

        • Gino Melone

          Pft!  I remember discussing the new “pen computing” that was imminent, before I graduated college; a decade before that.

  • Smlawrence

    Support your existing devices before worrying with taking people’s money for a new device!!!

  • Boom! Its phatman

    Ill gladly take 13 inches :P

    • 84guy

       that’s what she said

      • feztheforeigner

        I was thinking exactly that ;) dirty minds think alike I guess

  • Fixxmyhead

    It’s about time I’m tired of these 7 inch toy tablets

  • the_suffering

    id have to play with one to decide.  10″ is a pretty good size for a handheld device.  i love my 13.3″ laptop, the size is great and not retardedly huge.  tablet on the other hand, im not sure.  thumb typing in landscape or hell even portrait would be fairly difficult on a screen that big id think

  • Alex Paulson

    Take my money!!!

  • Cenarl

    cant wait till samsung gets their bezel-less stuff going so much room to be had going to waste. A 12-13″ 16:10 tablet would probably be my dream,

  • surethom

    Its all about the Weight is it light enough then Yes 13.1inch is way better than 10.1 inch screen, I have a 15.6inch laptop screen & moving down to a 10.1inch screen is 2 small.