Use The Samsung Galaxy Beam To Watch Home Movies And Propose To Your Girl [Video]

And here you thought the Samsung Galaxy Beam was just for home videos and anime. In a move that’s sure to make the rest of guys look bad, Samsung uploaded a new video to their YouTube channel showing off a creative way to use their upcoming Galaxy Beam handset — by proposing to the girl of your dreams.

In the video, a strapping young lad uses the Beam to project various outfits onto his body and at the end… (I’m getting a little choked up) at the end he pops the big question. Cheesy soundtrack aside, it’s a fun video. Just make sure your girlfriend doesn’t see it. You know, if you plan on using the more traditional ring-in-the-glass of champagne proposal method.

Oh, and here’s a bonus video of what comes after marriage, and how you can keep the kiddies distracted while you and your wife try to get a decent moment to yourselves. Anyone else think these videos are begging for an ASUS Transformer-like parody remake?


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  • Covert_Death

    that was pretty stupid…. cool projector though

  • nwd1911

    She has such steady hands in the second video…amazing.  I’m sure the phone gives her the confidence to hold perfectly still with her arm outstretched.  You hear this ladies?  This phone will make you a better mother.

    • fixxmyhead

      haha i noticed that too

  • Covert_Death

    both of these distances are about 5x further then what they say is “maximum projection distance” therefore its all BS false advertising

  • GlennStile

    Total and utter BS…. that bloke is clearly punching above his weight :) lol 

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      If you never ask, you never know!

  • Prince Ntim

    This is great and I see all the haters out there. This is a different smartphone for a change. With every other phone coming out with the same specs and all competing. I love this phone. I currently own a samsung galaxy S2. Now Sammy should bring on the galaxy S3 and lets call it a productive year again.

    • bluevoodo

       Easy on the steroids there Macho Man!

  • phone service

    A great idea on how to make your loved ones happy, this is really easy and unique.