Android By The Numbers: 850,000 Devices/Day, 300 Million Phones, 450,000 Apps

Andy Rubin has been walking around Mobile World Congress 2012, and while we haven’t seen him, we HAVE seen his post on Google+ regarding Android’s most recent numbers.

Yes, you squinted and read that right:

  • 850,000 Android phones and tablets are activated each day
  • There are 300 Million Android Phones in the wild
  • There are 450,000 Android Apps on Android Market

That’s some pretty impressive stuff. It sounds outrageous, and if you take a walk around MWC 2012, it’s hard to find an area that doesn’t involve or promote Android in some way, shape, or form.

Onward and upward (and downward)!

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  • wumps13

    This is a beautiful story the only stuff still not working so well are tablets… Maybe it’s to complicated, too much choices and finally customers going for ipad ? Samsung now offer a tablet for 100 €/$ less than ipad maybe they make a good choice ?

  • $8357570

    wow, they were at 700k activations/day only a few months ago. This is quite prominent, actually.

  • skull

    I thought……. isnt there like 800k androids apps and games in the market?….