Sony Xperia S shipping globally NOW, on sale in Barcelona this week

The gorgeous looking yet underpowered (typically Sony, eh?) Xperia S has begun shipping globally already, and will be available for purchase at Sony Stores this week in Barcelona, before the end of Mobile World Congress.

The device has a 1.5 GHz dual core processor and runs a heavily skinned version of Gingerbread, and a really attractive 4.3” 720p display.

Sony Mobile CMO Steve Walker also said the company would be starting “by far the largest brand advertising campaign that we have run for many years.” He also mentioned their marketing expenditure in 2012 will increase substantially, though he didn’t go into the details.

On a related note, Sony has also announced that the Xperia Ion will be launched globally this summer. We had our hands-on time with both during CES, so check that out if you haven’t.

[Source: The Verge and Engadget]

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  • zedthegreat

    How can you call it underpowered? Tell me a phone you can buy this week that has a 1.5ghz dual core? Ok, it may soon be surpassed, but for now? Get a grip ….

    • Raveesh Bhalla

      How is it underpowered? Lack of ICS. As simple as that.

      • Juan Guzman

        I believe the words you are looking for are “Out of Date”, not under-powered.

  • BryanMacKenzie

    I guess the galaxy nexus is really underpowered too.. because the sony s beat its every benchmark… if only they put the S internals in the P body… hdmi usb on opposite sides of the phone… covers so there will be no charging dock.. so sad

  • BryanMacKenzie

    that makes so much sense… 

  • NERV

    Damn!! I really want it but I am using T-mobile…

  • Terry Chamberlin

    What are you 12 Raveesh? I know you are not writing for a magazine or paper but think before you speak. It’s plenty fast for an item shipping now. You want to take a couple shots at the entry level P and U models go at it but really, come on. How about you mention the screen resolution and dpi or how ridiculously fast you can take a picture from hibernation. How about the 12 meg camera or the fact that it will have the upgrade within 60 days from now to Ice Cream. Your article was a silly waste of space although the last half at least gave us a little insight.