Transition begins: Google’s Dennis Woodside to become new CEO of Motorola Mobility


Googlerola still has some countries to convince. But Google made an announcement, a couple of days ago, that hints at the idea that the deal is almost ready to go through. Google has decided to put its very own Dennis Woodman at the head of Motorola Mobility, as CEO.

It has been said that Jha would be getting $66 million after the Google/Motorola merger goes through. This may have Sanjay very content about the acquisition, but the industry is starting to worry.

When this acquisition was announced, Google mentioned that Motorola Mobility was going to be left alone. And the acquisition’s purpose was mostly meant for broadening Google’s patent portfolio. Making a Google employee CEO of Motorola is quite the huge jump, though. And it looks like the changes might start showing up sooner than we expected.

Dennis Woodside has been with Google since 2003. Holding positions asDirector of Business Operations, Managing Director of Emerging Markets, Managing Director and VP of Google UK, President of Google Americas, and Senior Vice President of Google, Woodside is no little guy for the Search Giant.

Ever since I met Dennis in 2003, I have been impressed by his combination of entrepreneurialism and operational excellence. He’s never afraid to try new things and always ready to roll up his sleeves and pitch in.
-Omid Kordestani, SVP, Global Sales & Business Development

Needless to say that Woodside is a great asset for both Google and Motorola. But we will have to see how the future of Android is affected by this. Let’s hope that Motorola does not become the main Android player. Android’s success is highly affected by competition, and we would like to see such staying consistent.

Do you guys think we will see some Motorola favoritism going on in the coming years?

[Source: Bloomberg Via: Android and Me]

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  1. Motorola is already or will be after this androids main player

    1. ROFLMAO I used to think that that too, but In reality after I bought my GALAXY NEXUS I realized how shitty there phones are in every way that matters. Sammy makes all there own tech in house that matters to people and its better. Motor can’t compete. Google just wanted there patent portfolio,

      1. Samsung makes good products I own a gtab10.1 galaxy nexus and a Samsung TV but the moto. Razr is a good phone if it had a unlocked boot loader and ics I probably would have choose it

        1. Not saying build quality is bad for moto. There just going in the wrong direction. 1 people don’t want there software. 2. Ergonomics on there best phones suck. 3.the screens they use are horrible(HD Amoled or bust) 4. Software nav keys offer infinite customization. 5. No removable battery WTF. 6. Super thins for skinny Jean wearing iPhone hipsters. 7. Ports on buttom please.

      2. I had the original BACKFLIP, they never updated it. It was cyanogen mod the responsible for it to reach gingerbread.

        On the other hand, my atrix will be updated. But that only became so after the takeover.

        So, well, I have reason to believe el Google will make a difference.

  2. That’s right! Dump Jha, dump Blur and i’ll consider buying a Motorola’s device.

    1. dunno about Jha, but Blur is definitely garbage.  Probably the second-worst customized UI I’ve seen after Dell’s Stage.

  3. I don’t know, Samsung is quite large for Android as well. They are actually on the upswing according to two econ articles I read recently. I prefer Moto between the two though.

  4. Maybe they will be, but they are not right now.  Samsung gets the Galaxy Nexus, and gets to introduce Google Wallet and ICS to the world. HTC will have the first Quad core Android phone, ASUS has the best and first ICS tablet. I think that where MOTO can really stand up is their build quality and having products like the lapdock. If they were smart, they’d hook up with Canonical and really leverage the work Ubuntu has done and replace their lapdock interface altogether. Heck, my Droid X2 is still stuck on an old ROM so I rooted and replaced it so I could use something more current. I think that if MOTO looks to be getting fresher and sleeker harware and software this year it will be due to their commitment to not producing as many handsets, but just focusing on the quality of what they out out. It looks lke HTC is going that route too and it’s about time. I think the ideal phone lineup would be to release flagships in the holiday shopping season, mid and lower ends in the spring and summer, and have two sized handsets for each release window, a 4 and 4.7 inch phone. If you are going to drop a 5 or 5.3 inch device, one a year, MAX. That, and I think MOTO is best sticking with their usb and HDMI ports sitting next to one another. They docks that were running Ubuntu used this and it seems like a great way to make an actual market for android accessories.

  5. I’m glad Jha is getting the boot. He’s a prick. No matter what, he’s the guy who told public relations to respond to the bootloader petition that  they will be unlocking late 2011 and he is the one who told the Facebook/Twitter/G+ page admins to ignore and delete thousands of comments calling them out on their bullshit.

  6. I think it would be great, it would help end the defrag that currently plagues the Android market. Also, it would end motoblur and such. Which would be a good thing for Google in general.

  7. I hope this means now that this guy will give the order to unlock the boot loaders on many of the Motorola phones out there. Motorola Droid RAZR and RAZR Maxx

    1. I feel they are obligated to unlock any phone released in 2011 which would include the ATRIX2, Droid X2 and then there are the devices that were released after they made the statement of “we will be unlocking the bootloaders” such as the Droid 3, Droid Bionic and the RAZR/RAZR MAXX

  8. I think Google should rotate the nexus amongst the top 3 manufactures of android devices.

    1. I think Google should publicly release specs for Nexus devices, and allow anyone who meets those specs to manufacture a Nexus device.  This is the approach Lucasfilm has taken for THX devices.

      Of course that spec should include vanilla Android and unlocked bootloaders.

      1. I dunno about that.  the Galaxy Nexus is a nice phone, but (other than its screen resolution) has specs that are exceeded in all categories by pretty much all big manufacturers’ top phones.  

  9. As a owner of a Photon4g and a Razr…The phones are great phones, with Google taking control I will see a lot of the Motorola haters changing sides….

  10. Samsung has already seen this coming and prepared for it.  Merging BADA with Tizen and skinning it with touchwiz is their beginning.   They will control that from beginning to end.  Watch this year as the Tizen phones start launching with wiz on them and samsung begin to push premier level phones with it.

  11. I very highly doubt that they’ll do more with Motorola than change out the douchebag and use their patents. I’m guessing the main reason for that was bootloaders, but maybe Google has other plans. At the very least a new CEO will help because they were releasing too much junk and not supporting current devices correctly, directly against their agreement with Google to have devices be updated over the two year span.

  12. I think this is great news.

    I’ve always liked Motorola’s build quality, industrial design, and their willingness to continue to release high-end QWERTY phones that the other OEMs have largely abandoned.  On the other hand, I could do without Blur, locked bootloaders, and a mediocre record as far as Android updates goes.  (Moto’s better than their competitors on the latter, but not much better.)

    What I would like to see is a determination that all future Moto phones will run vanilla Android and will receive updates as soon as the source code is released to AOSP.  Other companies would be free to release vanilla Android phones and update equally quickly, or they could keep their OEM skins and lag behind the curve.

    To be fair, I have to give Jha a lot of credit for going all-in on Android when it was an unknown quantity, for saving Motorola from impending bankruptcy, and for creating the DROID line which launched Android on a trajectory to beat iOS. If it weren’t for him, there’s a good chance that Android wouldn’t be as successful as it is today.

    On the other hand, his positions on Blur and locked bootloaders, and the flubbed launches of the Xoom, Bionic, and Xyboard, all tell me that it’s time for Jha to go.

  13. An end to blur hopefully. Why would one company need multiple UI teams?

  14. I think this will just force HTC and Samsung to be extra vigalent about products they put out. Its obvious that manufacturers are holding back to intentionally shorten the life cycle of phones and release replacements and upgrades once a quarter or more. If Google has anything to say about motos business model my guess would be they push cutting edge and get as close to that edge as possible. I hate Moto but if Google can help improve Samsung and HTC by keeping them on their toes I’m all for it.

  15. I’m a tad bit confused hear, as I know nothing about the deal between Google and Motorola. I just brought the new Droid RAZR, and I love it. I was hoping to get another Motorola phone in the future after this one (a couple of years from now of course) but after reading this article, was the initial intention for Google to just buy out Motorola for patent purposes, and then put them down? Or is Motorola with Google for good and that means new Motorola handsets in the future? I would love to buy the new new RAZR if they made another one a few years from now.

  16. What, Google play favorites!? that’s like saying google would not respect users’ privacy.

  17. well if motorola’s mobile phone division was successful (and profitable), motorola wouldn’t have probably sold it. So that right there means the changes were needed.

    The only unethical and selfish company is Apple. The other big players do lots for society. But you’re just another iSheep… So I guess you’re blind to all that.

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