T-Mobile’s HTC Ville (One S) Shows Off NenaMark2 Benchmark – Snapdragon S4 Doesn’t Fail To Impress

With all the hype surrounding quad-core processors, you would think dual-cores were nothing more than last year’s tech. Well, that’s definitely not the case. Just like Intel releases new and improved versions of their desktop processors (Core 2 Duo, Core i, 2nd generation Core i’s, etc.), Qualcomm is doing the same with their dual-core Snapdragons. Their new line of S4 processors (4th gen Snapdragons) will be making their way to a few new handsets in the comings months. Handsets like the T-Mobile bound HTC Ville ( HTC One S) that has posted a rather impressive NenaMark2 benchmark.

HTC Ville video as a refresher

While I’m excited to see what the Nvidia Tegra 3 brings in terms of performance for the HTC One X, dual-core handsets like the HTC One S shouldn’t be written off just because they’re utilizing less cores. In fact, some benchmarks are showing dual-core Snapdragon S4’s beating out the quad-core Tegra 3’s in some instances. Qualcomm’s S4’s are also utilizing a new, more power efficient 28nm architecture that aside from improving battery life, will make a device breathe flames out the micro USB port. Seems the “core” race is looking like nothing more than the GHz race from a few years back, huh?


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  • Jonathan Roman

    looks like an updated sensation 

    • http://twitter.com/gamercore Chris Chavez

      I was thinking Nexus One but yeah. =)

      • Off_Road_Racing

        Nope. No Nexus 1 replica unless it has the trackball. Nexus 1 was my 1st Android phone and I fell in love with the trackball. 

        Though it does look lyk the Nexus 1…

  • sarah

    I’d go for it if it was no larger than 4″.. I’m tired of the bigger the better screen race.. I’m still in love with my incredible 2 but I wouldn’t mind a sexy s4..

  • Lythandra

    Looks good but I’d prefer a larger battery. Having a super slim phone isn’t a priority for me. As I’m on T-Mobile and my contract is up, I’ll be keeping a eye out to see how this phone reviews.

  • scott lathrop

    Needs more cow bell

    • derek porter

      Does the volume go to 11?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GUFYGKI4YKCN62ZNYSSOEFE2CI Chris

    Glad to see some Qualcomm chips, I won’t by another Nvidia based phone/tablet as they have notoriously been bad at supporting their SoC once they have released a new version.  So many older phones/tablets can’t get Honeycomb or ICS because of Nvidia.  Plus, my Qualcomm based phone has less issues than all the Nvidia based ones I’ve used.