Android 4.0 rollout for the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer begins in Taiwan [Update: US Tomorrow]

Android 4.0 is finally rolling out to the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer, but it still won’t be available in most parts of the world right away. A post went up on ASUS’ Facebook page informing users that the over-the-air update that brings Ice Cream Sandwich to the Transformer and raises its firmware version to has now begun in Taiwan. ASUS recently informed customers that the update to the original Transformer would be delayed until  as late as March, and while that still may be the case for some regions the manufacturer managed to hit their initial release window of February as announced back at CES.

[Facebook via Eurodroid]

UPDATE: It looks like ASUS has confirmed via their Twitter that the update will begin rolling out for US residents tomorrow!

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  • Bowen9284

    Its so close I can taste it!

  • Mr.Walker

    I was happy until I read taiwon. Why do we always get shit last? Anyway, great news I guess.

    • miso_sori

      We don’t always get everything last.  In fact I’m pretty sure the Transformer Prime Rollout happened in the US first.  We are frst sometimes but obviously we can’t be first everytime.  To add to that, it is not always good to be first.  First adopters are the ones who get stuck with the most bugs and stuff.

  • Jwhap

    Once again lte xoom left in the dust!

  • jo bu

    ASUS just announced US rollout begins TOMORROW

    • CaffinatedOne


      • Ben U

        They said it on ASUS North America.. Feb 24th

        • CaffinatedOne

          Excellent, thanks for the confirmation.

      • jo bu

        sorry, was so excited about reading the news forgot to say where I saw the news

  • Bryan Dery

    Anyone know a good guide to return to stock? Rooted Revolver ROM Canadian version from day 1

    • Alek Tritt

      Are you looking to unroot or just return to stock Rom and recovery to receive the OTA? You’ll lose root either way, but one’s easier.

      • Bryan Dery

        I don’t mind losing root for now if it means getting ics tomorrow! 
        Whats the easier way?

        • GotMoo

          I reverted back to stock using nvflash. I think has a guide and downloads…

          Now I’m rocking a chromed out delicious treat

        • Alek Tritt

          Sorry it took so long to get back to you, by now there’s a CWM flashable rooted version on XDA.

      • Gene_nyc

        I was able to restore root by using Voodoo root keeper after my ICS restore

        Edit: Of course, I have to install this and run it BEFORE updating to ICS

  • EasyEEE

    Nice. :) here’s hoping the Prime sees 5.0.

  • Nathanial Taylor
  • gavin

    It’s up!

  • oh4real

    Got it. Yippie. Google plus was unhappy until i clicked report instead of OK at warning.

  • JWells

    I just got the update to 4.0.3 this morning on my TF101! Durham, NC

  • smoknjo

    installation complete yummmmmmmmmmmm

    • Gladiator_Posse

      I love watching those Andy gears go…Nobody makes them turn more than ASUS.

  • Aeires

    Was surprised it was ready first thing this morning, but after installing it and seeing what it was about for a few minutes, I’m impressed.  Definitely be playing around with the settings and UI this weekend, can’t wait.

  • JR McKee

    Just downloaded and installed ics here in silicon valley…absolutely love my transformer and asus.

    Great hardware, great software, worldclass support, Asus gets it, and my business.

    Ics just took my great transformer from excellent to mindblowing.

    Overall its more fluid, smoother, much faster, almost like a new machine.

  • NorthVandea

    When you update to 4.0.3 Google+ will probably start crashing. Just FC it and clear data, then update G+ via Android Market and it will be fine.

  • Les Anthis

    I got my upgrade this morning! Dallas TX

  • Josh Harper

    Im downloading a new firmware update NOW!! :)

  • SirSpammenot

    10am Texas time, I am typing on my updated Transformer. ICE CREAM SAMMICH! I HAZ!

    All the love ASUS, all the love…

  • NexusGurl

    ICs delivered flawlessly this morning..

    Los Angeles CA

  • Maeve Banks

    Excellent news! Well done Asus for putting customers first, not taking money and running! As I have found with other companies. :-)


    18.30 u: ICS 4.0.3 OTA-update in Netherlands, Europe. Asus is cleaning up House all over the world. Hurray!

  • Perry_F

    Will check tonite for ICS update. anybody having issues with installed apps not playing nicely with ICS?

  • NexusGurl

    Any suggestions for a good Launcher for reborn OG Tranformer?? Any input is appriciated . Thanks

  • PeterG

    So far I’ve had issues with G+ and FB. FC both of them and update through the market. No other problems.

  • Frankenbike

    Got the 4.0.3 update this morining (Feb 25)  in Los Angeles. The main thing I notice is that my Transformer is faster. Like it got a couple of extra processors, faster. I like the new status popup a lot better than the old one, and I’m glad to finally get the same “remove programs from running apps list” by swiping them out of the list.

    A bunch of things had to be updated to work right, including Flash. And of course, Flash sucks when it comes to sites like and

  • JRomeo

    Why doesn’t the netflix app work anymore on ICS in the Asus Eee Pad Transformer?

  • Perry_F

    Got ICS on Saturday. Asus is one of the few companies that actually “gets” it. Gotta support your products and especially the early adopters. They stick by me, I’ll stick by them. Very happy with my TF101, more so now with ICS. When the time comes to get a newer tablet it will be a no brainer, Asus all the way!