Toshiba Thrive 10-Inch Tablet Getting Android 4.0 by End of Spring

Toshiba Thrive owners have been wondering what Toshiba’s plans for bringing the Android 4.0 update to the tablet were, and one lucky soul finally cracked an answer out of them. They mentioned on Twitter that they would look to bring Ice Cream Sandwich to the 10 inch version of the device by the end of Spring. They only said that they are “targeting” end of Spring, though, so if that comes and goes don’t get too mad at Toshiba.

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  • Andrew torres

    oh thank god…i been dying for a god sent answer like this. I’ve got a thrive and its been a faitful tablet to me. And it recieving 4.0 would be awesome to smooth out the thrive

  • David Gray

    Hey Andrew, I don’t want to burst your bubble and I also love the Toshiba Thrive but I highly doubt it will see 4.ANYTHING anytime soon. Mark my words, spring will come and go and the Thrive will still be the same. It will get ICS but not anytime soon

  • Jim Reinhardt

    OK, but my thrive doesn’t even run google plus…so I hope the upgrade to 4.0 helps that problem.

  • sheldon

    Yeah, at least fix Google+ only gripe I have

  • scott Wilson

    Awesome!! I just bought this pad three days ago..

  • NexusGurl

    Asus Transformer user here.. I got some ICS this morning…

    Thanks Asus.. Los Angeles CA