CM9 Pre-Alpha for Galaxy Tab 10.1 WiFi Now Available

Much of the Android world are still waiting for the anticipated stable release of CyanogenMod 9, the Android 4.0 based custom ROM that has everyone excited. Unfortunately these things take time but the CyanogenMod team are generous, often giving us early looks at their wares for those who want a preview or for those who want to test and report bugs.

The next device to get a pre-alpha is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 WiFi. Various things are still broken, including the camera, but you can expect most of these to get cleared up by the time the ROM hits release candidate status. Find the download files at the source link ahead. (Flash the .img file using fastboot then flash the .zip file in recovery.) [via CM G+]

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  • Colin Burton

    I use my GT too much for work to have things buggy on it, but I’m sure things will be fixed soon (i.e. camera). Can’t wait though…

    Grammar Police PS: please read up on subject/verb agreement. You use ‘are’ twice when you should have used ‘is’!

  • Justin

    I’ve had a build for about a month now that works amazingly well minus the camera and mic don’t work. Its so fast and stable.

    • Zach White

      I was just about to ask about how stable it is. I almost sold mine for an asus transformer prime, but I may wait for ICS I dunno yet, the prime is very enticing. 

  • Billy_Joe_Bob

    If you don’t need the camera it’s as stable as an RC.

  • Mark R

    Been using a kang on rootzwiki for some time now and it’s really great.
    I don’t care about the camera either.

  • 9host99

    anybody know the wallpaper seen in that shot?