Samsung Epic 4G Touch gets another leaked Android 4.0 ROM

Yesterday, we reported that a leaked Android 4.0 ROM had been successfully modded to boot with the Samsung Epic 4G Touch. While the ROM is not completely working, it is a great way to see how Android 4.0 and Touchwiz will feel once the official update is released. But it has just gotten a bit better, with a more recent leak being available for download.

This one is version FB17 (while yesterday’s was FB09), and it should bring some improvements. It is still not completely functional, though. So be careful, do your reading, and remember the typical disclaimer (you could harm your device and void your warranty, and if something happens, no one is responsible for it).

The process is the same, the ROM has to be flashed via Odin. The full instructions and files are at ACSyndicate, so go check it out! There are also two videos available. The first will give you step-by-step instructions, while the second is a review.

[Source: ACSyndicate]

Thanks, Eric!

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  • Newbtastic

    I’m loving it. Posting from my E4GT with FB17. :D

  • tyler

    Hopefully the at&t model leaks NEXT?:D

  • Tommy Thompson

    Progress is looking good!

  • Jay

    +1 for an AT&T leak. :-) I knew full well signing up though that AT&T updates were last, if at all. Here’s hoping the devs can cook something up.

  • Robb Nunya

    I’m not touching this till they fix GPS… Other than that, sounds promising!

    And just in case you missed it, do NOT use Rom Manager with this, Odin is your only option that works consistently. Rom Manager makes bricks with this.