One Small Fling for Bird, One Quantum Leap for Birdkind: Angry Birds Space is Coming March 22nd [Video]

Rovio looks to be bringing a much needed refresh to their take on Angry Birds as they have released a new teaser trailer. “It’s one small fling for bird, one quantum leap for birdkind,” the trailer reads as an “Angry Birds: Space” lol is revealed. Martian birds? Alien pigs? Radioactive bacon and eggs? Oh my. Intergalactic bird war is said to be going down March 22nd.  And the menacing pair of bird eyes throughout the trailer make us believe that these outer-space birds are no joke compared to their earthbound brethren. Maybe those chem trails did it… Who knows? Trailer’s above.

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  • JulianZHuang

    i got bored of all angry bird games already… hope the space edition will be different. 

    • RitishOemraw

      I think it will….they know ppl are getting bored…so with space, you can add gravitational effects which adds new possibilities to the game…
      At least thats what I hope…..might give it a shot again, if they finally refresh the gameplay…currently Its too boring to install on my phone

  • Juan

    Haha daym this is gana be so much fun!

  • Richard Hobson

    It will! The sling shot will be steel plated I am sure!

  • toomuchgame441

    maybe they can create some 3D graphics

  • eracode

    I heard some time ago that Rovio were going to develop a cross-platform space, so that your games played on different devices would be sync-ed. Perhaps this is that.

  • Jeff432

    The Angry Birds series is too overhyped.