New Official ICS ROMs Leaked for Samsung Galaxy S2 (I9100) and Samsung Epic 4G Touch

You’d better believe that Samsung is working on the upgrade to Android 4.0 for their flagship smartphones. It seems like we can’t go a week without seeing new Android 4.0 ROMs leaked for the device and we have another one today for two variants.

The international I9100 version has gotten build I9100XXLPH, a step up from the I9100XXLPB build that came before it. It appears that both speed and battery life have been improved here.

The other phone is the Samsung Epic 4G Touch, Sprint’s 4.5 inch variant. Build FB09 has been leaked and is already deodex’d and pre-rooted. Apprach the ROM with caution as ACS head chef ShabbyPenguin has had trouble booting past the kernel screen.

He provides a possible fix but be careful regardless. Make backups and all that jazz before proceeding and remember that no one is responsible for what happens to your phone but yourself. Get going! [I9100 Leak via PocketNow, E4GT Leak (thanks, Alex!)]

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  • ollie boon

    great, really exited about the gs2 ROM hope it wont disappoint.

  • mmark27

    Very impressed by Sprint and Samsung.  Really showing some love for the SGSIIs.  This is what OEMs should do more.  Focus on a single line of product(s) and make sure they all get attention.  As much as I hate apple, they do have a stream lined system (but a super boring, tiny screened one). 

  • Newbtastic

    Hey, my news tip. :)

    Anyways, most people should wait for calkulin or someone to pick this up and create a more stable rom. If you’re even able to get this flashed correctly, MMS doesn’t work.

    But considering sbrissen has his ICS rom working (patched up gingerbread) with ICS and everything, getting MMS to work on a official build should be a snap.

    I’d expect to see awesome ROMs releasing with this build over the next couple of days.

    ***Edit:*** If you want to follow the progress of the rom for E4GT, watch here:

    Keep in mind it still has the ugly touchwiz theme on top of it.

  • fixxmyhead

    F@CK, where is an ics rom for the tmo gs2

    • RichardReich

      They said “flagship smartphones”, not dinghy smartphones.  We bought the wrong phone, face it.  I’ll be happy and a bit surprised if we see ICS before August.

  • MySKY

    great… hope to see official ICS rom released for S2 in Malaysia here

  • PC_Tool


    Port to G’Nex nao.


    • Ben Rosenberg

      You HAVE ICS already. If you wanted TouchWiz then why not buy an SGII .. the Gnex has already had a stable leak (which was pushed directly to some) of 4.0.4 .. so what’s to port?

      • PC_Tool

        Verizon does not sell the SGSII or *any* device with TW4 or TW5…

        If they did, I would gladly have taken your advice. The G’Nex is a step *down* from the SGS II as far as I am concerned.

  • snowglyder

    As a Tmo GS2 owner, I’m happy for you guys. Really, I am…

  • shabbypenguin

    :O its booting now guys ;) need to fix data and keyboard fc’s using swpye or other keyboard fixes that one, but APPARENTLY everyone wants data working :P

    sorry for teh slow updates, it takes 40 mins to upload a build with a possible fix, testers to download and test and then rinse repeat. rjmjr69 is looking into getting me an e4gt here shortly tho :)

    • Newbtastic

      Thanks for the awesome work shabby. :)

      • shabbypenguin

        3g/4g/wifi are all working, got rid of teh red bars. root is fixed….

        leaves cwm, mms, and possibly gps :)

  • Jonna09

    Heyyyy…..What about Atnt SGS2, the I777 version?

  • Ethan

    Flashed the rom through odin. Very satisfied with it so far! Hope the final official update would be better though.