Android Mascot is, Like, a Total Ski Bro, Dude [Video]

Who says heartless, brainless robots can’t have fun? The Bugdroid, Android’s revered mascot, was caught on slippery slopes with a pair of skis. Little did the fella know he was being recorded. I’m a bit jealous. OK, extremely jealous. [via Android Central]

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  • Jeff Metzger

    How much do you make per hour on the internet spreading this garbage? 

    • Jason Farrell

      What’s more frightening is that all these annoying spam comments fit the SAME TEMPLATE and disqus can’t manage to auto-filter ’em. Makes you wonder if they’re in bed together, or just incompetent.

      I WANT TO PUNCH THESE SPAMMERS IN THE FACE. I haven’t felt like this since email spam was a big problem.

  • BTLS

    My uncle’s roommate’s ferret breeder makes $11/hr pumping off retired guys with one hand and rooting phones with the other – outside the craft store.