Acer Announces Android 4.0 Release Timing For Iconia Tab A500

Acer’s New Zealand division announced today via their Facebook profile that the Android 4.0 update — currently rolling out to A200 models — will be coming in April to the A500 as well.

Great news, everyone! We’ve just got confirmation from HQ that the Iconia Tab A500 will be getting Ice Cream Sandwich in April. No exact date yet, but we’ll let you know when we have it. What are you looking forward to most in ICS?

Seeing how the announcement didn’t exactly come from Acer in the US (or even the UK for that matter), we can’t be too sure if the planned date will apply for us here in the states. Let’s hope this Ice Cream Sandwich announcement was a general release date for all regions.


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  • WhoaManWtF

    April?  man it must be hard to release what is almost the same exact rom as they just release on the A200…. Last acer product I will purchase.

  • koolkat2

    Why does the budget A200 get it before the first 2? Makes very little sense?

    • Carl Rood

      Because it was a newly released product and was guarateed the upgrade as a selling point.

  • Mitchell4500

    Wow I’m shocked were even getting it. But april? Thats pretty bad.

  • Wayne Clavering

    April? Why Acer? Why?

  • Jimmie burns

    C’mon folks April is almost here. Why complain?

  • Loooney2ns

    Stop your whining. At least we’re getting it. Some devices will be stuck at 3.2.

  • S.Rambo

    what about the a100 still no news sure glad i have a hp tp no waiting 

  • Gary K

    I am happy if we get ICS at all.

    Acer does not look to be doing well, and is scaling back their tablet group.

    I’m really happy w/ my A500 at HC 3.2.1. I am willing to wait for a “factory” ICS.

    I hope it is in April for the US.

  • RedPandaAlex

    I had an A500 for a week or so, but returned it when Acer missed their target date for updating to 3.1. Now I’m glad I did. The Xoom was a little more money, but it’s worth it to have the developer device.

  • Lloyd Holmes

    Price point good, work great and now getting ICS. Not bad at all and the complaining should stop. There is still not one phone officially upgraded yet beside the NS and only 2 tablets; Xoom wifi and the Prime. Sound like we are in good company!

    • WhoaManWtF

      And the ….. A200  which has the same exact hardware minus a couple feature and was released allot more recently.  Meaning they already have all the drivers and what not figured out for our hardware and are just delaying in hopes that more people will drop their A500 and run out and purchase A200.  The thing is, that is unlikely and the more likely thing to happen is people dropping this and going out and buying the Prime or even the Xoom.