Debug tools in Chrome for Android open up new world for web developers

Chrome for Android, even in beta, is one impressive mobile web browser. While we are sure Google has plenty left to add in, what you see when popping open the browser on your Android handset only scratches the surfaces of its capabilities. Dig a bit deeper and you will find unprecedented capabilities for developers working on mobile websites. As Chrome developer relations engineer Boris Smus shows us, the Chrome browser features remote debugging for editing mobile sites on the fly.

After some initial setup involving the Android SDK, devs can see a live view of a mobile site on their Android handset as they edit code on their desktop PC. The result is instant feedback. CSS and other code changes take place in real time, showing the results of any action exactly how they will appear on a mobile device. The bridge between developing for the desktop web and the mobile web just decreased in length. More details can be found at the Google Code link below.

[Google Code via AndroidCentral]

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  • Kam Siu

    real time code changes is quiet awesome!

  • Intellectualdiot

    Damn that’s classy.

  • MileHighDroid

    Sweet! A nice option for devs. Keep the updates for Chrome mobile coming Google! Another reason why Android will continue to dominate.

  • Debbie Knight


  • Robabobbob

    firebug changed development on the desktop, I can see this doing the same for mobile.  Nice one google!!

  • feztheforeigner

    Can’t watch this video on Chrome Beta…