Report: Amazon to launch 9-inch Kindle Fire, update 7-inch model in mid-2012

There are reports that Amazon will launch its second Kindle Fire model along with an update to the 7-inch version by mid-year. It was originally rumored that two tablets would be launched by the e-retailer, the 7-inch model which saw a release back in the fall and a 10-inch model, which never surfaced. Since then it was suggested that Amazon pushed back plans for the 10-inch slate once codenamed “Hollywood” in favor of first releasing an 8.9-inch model. Estimates calculated by Pacific Crest analyst Chard Bartley take the new model into account, raising shipment forecasts in anticipation of the larger device. The number grew from 12.7 million units to 14.9 million on the basis of both a new 7-inch and 9-inch Kindle Fire.

[via BGR]

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