Amazon Kindle App for Android Gets Real Page Numbers

Amazon has updated their Kindle Reader application for Android. The update was moderately small in scope and in size as Amazon has reduced the file size from the 25MB it used to be to the to a measly 8.28MB.

The only other change than that are the real page numbers that Amazon now supports. Page numbers on your Kindle e-book will match the page numbers of the physical version of that book (if there is one, that is).

Some books may be printed differently (I know I had a couple of books that had different page numbers in hard and soft copies) but for the most part it should be accurate. It’s not available for every book yet but Amazon claims they have added support for thousands. Find the update here.

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  • 155

    Come on guys.  Text to speech.  If I had to buy a tablet replacement for my Kindle.  I’d buy an iPad, because it’s the only tablet that has text to speech for books.

    • Scotsman of Loch Ness

       That’s app driven not hardware driven. Moon Reader+ for Android has a Text to Speech option.

      • 155

        The problem with using alternate readers is you can’t buy books for them.

  • Anton Spaans

    Blio has TTS as well, for both audio (if so allowed) and Accessibility services (always allowed).