MapQuest Releases API for Android Developers

MapQuest may have become irrelevant in the emergence of Google Maps but they’re still alive and kicking. They’re opening their platform up to developers to create location-driven applications with and they have targeted one of the most lucrative mobile platforms – Android. Developers will be able to create applications and access the following features of MapQuest’s:

  • Advanced routing options and ability to display the route directly on the map
  • Built-in geocoding and reverse geocoding
  • Smooth animation when zooming/panning
  • Ability to rotate the map
  • Support of shape and image overlays

We’re not sure how seriously developers will take this but it’s interesting to see MapQuest trying to get such a presence on Android. If you’re a developer and you want to take advantage of these newfound APIs, head to MapQuest to get started. [Business Wire]

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