Lenovo Confirms ICS for ThinkPad in May

The folks at Lenovo had already set a target release of Q2 for the launch of Ice Cream Sandwich for their ThinkPad tablet but that was such a broad window. Today, they’re confirming that the update will be coming in the middle of that quarter – May, to be specific. It’ll be bringing performance improvements, browser enhancements and improvements to voice input. While it’s hard to get excited for an update that won’t be here for a few months it’s always nice to know it’s coming. [via Engadget]

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  • Joe

    May? Lol. Really?

    • Magus2300

      Hey come on, give them a break. ¬†After all, they have all their other tablets they have to support and migrate to ICS like the… um… uh… ok ya that’s ridiculous.

  • Joe

    I almost hate to say this, but this is the exact reason that Google needs to get into the product/hardware side. The fact that there are still no handsets that have ICS slated for release other than the Nexus is absurd. The OS was announced 4 months ago.

    Unfortunately it would seem that they will control this when it comes to Motorola, since they will own them. I just wish it was a different manufacturer since I don’t really like their products.

    It may however force the rest of the manufacturers to get their ass in gear with stuff like this.

  • PAmos

    Yeah don’t give them a break, it’s not like they have other products like notebooks, desktops, win tablets, etc… that they need to support. :-p

    Hate that I’ll have to wait until may for it, but at least it’s coming. Hopefully as the number of Android devices grows they’ll dedicate more staff to get upgrades out sooner.