Best Buy Canada now taking Samsung Galaxy Note pre-orders

Now that we can pre-order our Samsung Galaxy Notes here, in the US, it is time for this big boy to spread across America. Our friends across the northern border of the US can now pre-order their Samsung Galaxy Note, as well. Best Buy Canada has just started taking pre-orders, with prices as low as $200.

Bell happens to be the cheapest option, with a $200 price tag. This is followed by TELUS, which has the device going for $250, and Rogers, which has it for $300. As you can see, the prices can be a bit more competitive, but we must remember that these carriers also ask you to sign a 3-year contract.

Either way, our Canadian friends can go and pre-order their Galaxy Note from the carrier of their choice. Simply head to the Best Buy Canada website and sign up!

[Via Android Central]

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  • G.A.22

    Nahhh… I’ll pass, I’m waiting for the 6 inch version to hit…;)

  • max

    My experience is to buy the phone straight out. You are treated much better when you are a consumer not bound to a contract, because they know you can leave them easily. Especially 3 years is nuts, no phone will last that long. Another advantage is, that you have more leverage to negotiate favorable plan terms.

    • ConceptVBS

       As long as the carriers have lobbyists in the FCC, that will not happen.

      Incidently, Apple was one of the first companies to break this business model.